Winter 2014-15 Astro Weather and Astro-Energies

November 6, 2014

  You may have noticed how totally weird the energies are this fall.  October’s powerful eclipses marked a turning point.  The Lunar Eclipse was especially powerful, with Uranus (sudden change) and Venus (love, money, values) on the eclipse points and with Uranus in a grand trine (easy energy flow) with Mars (action) and Jupiter (optimism).  As a result, many of us shook off a bunch of restrictions and gained a renews confidence that we have what it takes to get through it all.
And that’s a very good thing, because we’re about to experience the most intense part of this Uranus/Pluto cycle.  Starting in November, both planets will be at 15 degrees of cardinal signs.  This is a VERY important degree, because it is on what Uranian astrologers call “The Aries Point” aka “The WORLD Point”.  The light in the tunnel is the fact that a 15 degree Aries point also participates in trine energies, as well as the dualistic square energies.  This means that these disruptive energies will affect the world as a whole, regardless of your own personal chart. 
When is this most active and what might we expect? 


First of all, when dealing with planets as slow as Uranus and Pluto, there’s no point in splitting hairs. You’ll be seeing dates for the EXACT squares, meaning degrees, minutes, and seconds, but thinking you’ll only be damaged by a steamroller if you’re within a millimeter of it’s center isn’t a very practical way to look at things.  Richard Tarnas demonstrates that for world events, a full 15 DEGREE orb is reliable.  But for this purpose–for seeing the eye of the hurricane of global change, we’ll work with degrees.

Starting in December, Uranus and Pluto square each other at 12 degrees, creating high intensity, but not yet touching the World Point.  On the other hand, this is likely to be one of the more stressful holiday seasons we’ve had for a while.

The last week of February brings both planets to 14 degrees.  By March 12 they’ll both be at 15 degrees.  This is a time to breathe deeply and remove unnecessary stressful items from your to-do list.  Plenty of more important things will come up to replace them.  When we think of global events; weather, climate change, volcanoes and earthquakes top the list.  A war that involves the resources and humanpower of most of the world isn’t off the table, but isn’t specifically indicated.  Global financial crises may show up after an un-noticed December event.  Pluto will remain at this degree til mid-June, so tensions stay high, even though events may not be as spectacular as they are in March.  Pluto will return to this degree for a few weeks starting 12/31/15, but after a few close calls in January, Uranus will have marched ahead, marking the end of this long crisis period.

As I’ve mentioned before, the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the 60s did not resolve the issues faced at that time.  Legislation for civil rights, the end of the Vietnam war, didn’t occur for another few years.  My personal sense of the timeline ahead suggests that 2018 will be the beginning of the turnaround and we won’t be putting this era behind us til 2024.  The 2020 and/or 2024 US presidential election may be of historic importance.


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