Tibetan Healing Method

November 14, 2010

In a mountain pasture high in Tibet, children are playing some sort of running game on the field, their parents going about their business along the sides of the field.  I’m hovering above with some Tibetan monk teachers who were teaching me healing.   And making me practice.  And what they taught simply can’t be described or translated accurately to words, but I’ll try.

It all took place in the mind/heart.  Without specifics, I looked at a child and, without knowing details, absorbed the essence of the issue to be healed.  Somehow this was moved into my mind-field where I performed very active manipulation of the thought-form of the issue-to-be-healed.  There was both focus and intent, but the focus was on observing how the process reacted to the (loving) intent.
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It is almost a kind of mental/emotional gymnastics, almost like tumbling the issue and pulling/stretching the issue which, when I did it, I could feel throughout my body (not the suffering, but the Issue.  Sometimes it invited pulling it apart like a cats’ cradle made of string, and seeing light stream through it.  Sometimes it would flip itself inside out like a balloon turning inside out.   And the process would continue until it didn’t want to continue anymore,  and then, in a little ‘burp’,  it would release like  a soap bubble.    It’s much harder to do awake than it was in my dream.  The whole issue is completely and lovingly accepted before being released.  There’s nothing about making something go away.  It’s mentally turning and massaging the issue with complete acceptance, kind of like “until it wants the massage to end.”

Oh!  I just practiced again.   A better description might be a process of taking the issue in–not even knowing the details, but just accept the Lump of it inside and then from all sides of it sending in streams of love, like a power-washer, tumbling it,  but instead of water it’s a stream of LOVE, that Penetrates completely. rotating, love, rotating, love.   It’s very fun.  You get to Feel the Love.  Then release the bubble and watch it pop free.


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