Spiral visualization to manifest change

August 29, 2009


The ONE is The Many. VANDORN (see http://www.lightweavings.com)

Here’s what happened to me, and here is the visualization that was created/resulted from what happened.  The resulting visualization I have shared with clients and friends and which has created dramatic results–so I’m sharing it with you now.

For those of you who want to cut to the chase, I’ll tell you the technique first.  For those of you who want to understand how it came about, the “backstory” will follow.

Manifesting change with spiral energy.

  1. First, imagine and feel fully the situation you are in now–the situation you want to change.  Feel the limits to your sense of possibility–allow yourself to stretch to the limits of your beliefs until you bump against the ceiling of “this is just wishful thinking” and then settle into a place that you absolutely and deeply feel is possible.
  2. Now imagine a HUGE (and insulated) electrical wire with a live and open end spiraling up your body.  In my experience, and counter-intuitively for me, this wire travels up your body in a counter-clockwise direction.  But don’t worry a lot.  Just allow the wire to spiral up your body without worrying which way it goes.
  3. Spiral the live wire up your body to about solar plexus level, and grab the loose end with your left hand.  See the ‘sparks’ of live electricity coming from the end of the wire.
  4. Now fully imagine the situation you’d like to bring into your life, without worrying about whether you believe it is possible.   Imagine it as fully as you can, with the feelings and details that would be in place when this happens.
  5. With the desired situation in mind, imagine another huge electrical wire spiraling down from above your head.  Some people see this as counterclockwise also, others see it as clockwise.  Allow whatever feels right for you.  Let this wire spiral down til it reaches your solar plexus.
  6. Reach out and grab the downward spiraling live wire with your right hand and “see” the ‘sparks’ of live electricity at the end of the wire.
  7. Now it’s time to bridge the gap.  Imagining bringing your current situation to meet your desired situation–so the desired situation becomes the current one, bring the two live wires together til they join.  Watch the shielding move over the join until they are seamlessly connected.
  8. Check your body for any physical reactions.   Some people feel a jolt, some people feel a rush of energy, some feel a “click”.  This is telling you that the connection is made.  If you don’t feel the jolt, don’t go “cut” the wire.  Live with the new alignment for a while.
  9. I’ll repeat here, whether you do or do not feel an energy surge, do NOT repeat the process.  Repeating it implies that you’ve cut the existing connection, because how can you bridge these wires if they haven’t been separated.   You can remember the experience of joining them, but do not repeat the exercise.
  10. Wait and see!

Backstory: How this came about.

In June I realized that not only was the monthly income I received from astrology not enough to cover my expenses, but that in my mind I couldn’t imagine how it would reach a point where that was possible.   I needed to increase my income by half again… for example from 2000/mo to 3000/mo gross income.   I realized that one part of the problem was my failure to feel the possibility was real, so I set to work on changing that.    What happened inside me was energetic and visceral, not visual at all.   What it felt like was twisting, writhing inside my skin to shed an old energy form and to bring (the twisting) a new understanding into connection with my old limits to “cross the bridge” from an old way of thinking to a new way of thinking.  When “it” happened, I felt an energetic click.   The immediate result was more focused energy on my work, my clients.  Now, two months later, I can say it definitely worked.  The first month was a success–I succeeded with the additional half-again income.  The second month (not yet over) is already 10 percent higher than the previous month.  So yes, it worked.

Then I set about trying to figure out how to tell someone else what I did.  The twisting and writhing on the inside and the click of something joining (it felt like the click of one of those light sticks that you have to twist until something clicks and the light turns 0n) was really hard to describe, so I wanted to develop a visualization that contained the elements of my experience in a visual form.

At this time I was reading a lot of new physics about the power of spin–the spiral, the vortex that many are now saying is the creative energy within the universe.  I could see the correspondence in my experience of “twisting” on the inside, so I started playing with idea of spirals, and of energy… and the electrical wire came to mind.  From there it was automatic to see the old way coming up from the earth, the root chakras and the new way from above the crown chakra.   I suppose if you are left handed you might want to shift the handedness of the patterns, but I leave that to your instincts to try (instincts are visceral, not mental/intellectual).

I tried the new technique on myself, with the goal of bridging the gap between what I believed was the love that could come my way, and the love that I want to come my way in life.  Within days I had a totally unexpected heart-healing experience that echoed back hundreds of years and forward through many experiences in this lifetime, and made me feel re-embraced by my “tribe”.   (I’ll write about this later).   So I can see that the visualization technique also works.

Now the only thing left is for you to use it.

I wish you the very best of  love, life, and wholeness!


5 Responses to “Spiral visualization to manifest change”

  1. Barbara Jenschke on August 29th, 2009 9:06 pm

    This sounds very interesting and I am going to try it. If I have questions, may I call you?


  2. admin on August 30th, 2009 12:08 am

    Absolutely, Barbara. You’ve got my number!

  3. Kathy on September 28th, 2009 1:27 pm

    Thanks for this visual exercise. I have done creative visualization for sometime, the 40-prosperity program, a # of such exercises but not much success. The Secret is great, but it is difficult to constantly sustain this mindset. Since you say ‘speak your mind’ here goes…the idea of live electrical wires connecting to me is a frightening image. I saw a live wire once that came down otuside my house, and of course if it comes on contact with you or vice versa, you are dead. Is there another image to use. Thanks!

  4. jay gneiting on October 22nd, 2009 12:57 am

    I actually tried something very similar to this. I don’t remember exactly where ( I think it was from a Linda Goodman book where she talked about visuallizing a counter clockwise spiral lifting from down to up to counter gravity which she believed made us age) Any way I tried healing my hernia by placing monotomic water in a see through green glass, I added some white dragon powder and added some healing freaquencys from E.M.R.. then I visualized a green spiral amazingly similar to the pattern you show. I didn’t stop within the boundaries of my ceiling , but tried to breath air for miles around me. I then drank the water. I think it was working but due to the demands of my occupation, I would re-damage it as quickly as I healed it.. thanks for all your help with the questions I asked you. I really appreciate you. Some day I will take you up on your offer. thanks Jay

  5. Jay gneiting on October 22nd, 2009 1:22 am

    I wish I would have had your upper and lower electrical wire visualization tecqnique to accentuate what I was trying to accomplish. I think I could have incorporated it into my visualization to
    intensify the results thanks Jay

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