“”Once in a Lifetime” astrological conditions

July 20, 2009

In general.   I know I’ve emailed about rare astro conditions—the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune lineup became highlighted May 29-30 and on the 31st Bill Tiller was murdered (abortion doctor) bringing the same man (Eric Holder) into action for the second time, this time to restore enforcement to the laws protecting health clinics that he enacted and enforced during the Clinton years.   This pattern will be active until spring of 2010, and astro-cartographically goes right through Iran.

But I’m ranting here about the huge numbers of emails about astrological conditions that are all “once in a lifetime” events and are presented with great urgency.  This rant has been prompted by the huge outflow of such emails associated with the series of eclipses this summer–2 lunar eclipses and one solar eclipse within about 4 weeks of each other.  (Usually there are 2 solar and 2 lunar eclipses a year.  On a regular basis a solar eclipse will be associated with 2 lunar eclipses instead of one.   This is a regular and not terribly rare pattern.)

The thing that “gets me” about all these astrological emails is that, in truth, every single DAY of eternity is a “once in a lifetime” occurence!! So all of these “once in a lifetime” astrological days are really pretty meaningless.  The other thing that bugs me is that these emails tend to note the “fact” (once in a lifetime) and then basically tend to forsake astrological reasoning altogether, going into such wildly metaphorical interpretations as to loose all touch with reality, making assertions which at best are totally unverifiable.

Astrology offers certain definite and verifiable energy signatures.   When you take the MOST metaphorical interpretations of these patterns without mentioning the mundane interpretations, you truly lose your connection to reality.  They become psycho-spiritual “riffs” on astrological patterns.  There is nothing one can see in every-day reality that will confirm or deny the validity of these types of claims.

Now I know I’ve got a lot of earth in my chart, and I therefore tend to be eminently practical, so I admit I may tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  My own inflexibility on these patterns tells me “use a verifiable system to make verifiable claims, and use non-verifiable language to admit that you are making metaphorical statements.”  When people mix these modalities I tend to just throw out the claims entirely.   Maybe they’re really saying something important–but in my irritation I throw out the whole thing.  I LIKE statements that can be verified (or not).   I do NOT like believing claims from someone I don’t know who has gone over-the-top with metaphors or who is claiming information from non-corporeal beings who may or may not exist, and who may or may not be saying what the emailer is interpreting them to say.  And not having been privy to the inspiration, how the heck do I know anyway!!   I like knowing the source of information and get frustrated with assertions backed up by phantoms (literally–sorry folks–until I’ve been introduced, your Spirit Guide is just another phantom to me).

This doesn’t mean I don’t believe inspired communication, channelled communication or totally metaphorical interpretations of astrological patterns can’t be true (but the regular attempt to apply metaphorical interpretations to real-world conditions is usually a huge failure.  This bricks and mortar world responds to bricks and mortar interpretations).

Back to the eclipses.   We have 2 solar eclipses a year.   Some are more active than others (and this one is more active–I’ll tell you why in a minute).   But I’d estimate that way over a third of all solar eclipses are pretty active.

The world rarely changes in a day.   I can think of only only a few days that would qualify as world-changing days:   The bomb-drop on Hiroshima was one.   I think the fall of the Berlin Wall was another.   I think Pearl Harbor and 9/11 are in a lesser category… they set up conditions for war.  Unfortunately, set-ups for war happen a LOT.  Might as well include the assassination of Arch-Duke Ferdinand, and who remembers that.  So there are 2-5 days that we can say changed the world.   This eclipse is not going to be one of them.   I DO think it will contribute to the changes the Iranian people are seeking for their government.   It won’t happen on a single day, and while it will change Their world, it won’t make a huge difference to ours.

This eclipse in particular IS a very strong energy pattern.  The eclipse pattern started in the 1300’s with an eclipse with an exact conjunction of Mars and Pluto, which is a signature for rage and outrage.   The original eclipse was at 26 tropical Aries, which happens to closely square (crisis of action) the 29 tropical Cancer eclipse of July 21-22.   So this is an action oriented event that will force an old obstacle to release, and the release may be violent.   The eclipse day Sun will be trine to Uranus, the pattern of rebellion and suddenness, so the pattern is duplicated.   The cardinal nature of the eclipse is an aid to new ventures, though they can only be seen in seed form at this point, so this isn’t “verifiable” information.   And the metaphor of a 29 cancer tropical degree is one of urgency having to do with clearing up unfinished business about home, homeland, family values, food, and security.  So we may see a breakdown/breakthrough in those arenas.  An eclipse pattern is highly active in the week or two before and after the exact eclipse day, and the degrees involved can be triggered by transits for quite some time afterwards.

It’s always good to support the energy of an astrological pattern, “befriending it”, so to speak.   You can do this by looking up AstroRemedies on my site and going to Sunday, and doing some of the activities listed for that day.   You can do them on any day at all.  Sun-day activities support the Sun, which is being eclipsed by the Moon.   You might also want to do Monday (Moon-day) activities, as the Moon is “eating” the sun (old mythologies) and is the afflicting planet here.  Befriending the Moon might make her afflictions to the Sun less difficult.

End of rant!


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    […] Though I may see significance in patterns around us, I do not adhere to the dire predictions or dramatic interpretations that have floated around about these eclipses being once in a lifetime events, or paving the way for the end of the world, or predicting a miriad of unlikely events or for that matter representing spiritual agreement with political parties or the like, etc., etc.. (True spirituality does not choose division.) And I’ve already basically addressed this position in a previous entry. However, as an addendum, I love what Anne from Stariel Astrology recently wrote about this matter as well! You can read her down to earth “rant” on recent astrological claims here: http://www.stariel.com/?p=953. […]

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