November Energies

November 1, 2009

I’ve been asked to say a few words about the astro-energy we’re traveling thru this month.   Here’s what I can say…   First, I’m not comfortable making specific world-oriented “predictions”.  A great “mundane” (meaning “about the world”) astrologer, Judy Johns assidiously collected birth data of all country leaders, of countries, watched CNN non-stop for defining events, and was really quite good at making specific predictions.   Asking me for world predictions is kinda like asking a psychiatrist to do brain surgery… they both have MDs and deal with the brain but….

That said, what I CAN do is describe the aroma of the energy soup we’re all traveling through, and I can tell you, there’s a lot of jalapeno in this soup!   Thursday, the 29th, Saturn entered tropical Libra, creating an even more tense pattern with Pluto.

Saturn is the “fear things won’t be the way I think they SHOULD be” planet, and Pluto is the energy of “fear of loss of control.”  Additionally, each of these planets ramps up fears in general, so there is an increased generalized tension having to do with fears that the world is running out of control in a way you don’t personally like.   Since this is a very strong energy pattern, and it WILL be impacting many people, we are likely to see public acting out of this fear pattern.  Sometimes this can take the form of outside agencies promising that taking certain socially disruptive (or even violent) action will help restore the status quo.  The problem is, this is inchoate energy.  There is no single focus of discontent.  There is simply a large number of people who are strongly unhappy about their own idiosyncratic issue.  We’ve seen this lack of focus in the “Tea Party” movement, where largish numbers of people gather to protest… well, to protest almost as many things as there are people standing there.

This Saturn/Pluto/fear energy pattern doesn’t affect everyone directly, but each of us will be standing in the general energy “soup” and watching others react as this energy pattern gets stronger and stronger through the month of November.

If these energies do happen to affect you personally, you will be aware that things in your own life are moving in a direction you believe is WRONG, and as much as you may try to control the situation, you can’t.   Pluto’s purpose here is to get you out of the rut that has so completely stunted your vision that you literally can’t see beyond it.   If you are in one of these crisis-like situations my advice, going against every grain of passion in you, is not to fight the situation.  Winning will cost you more than surrender.   And surrender will lead you to your own personal Elysian Fields once you leave the rut that’s binding you.

After writing this to the group who requested it, someone wrote me privately asking when the Elysian Fields come, how we get there, and how we recognize them.   First, the “Elysian Fields” as a metaphor is a bit hyperbolic.  Generally what I hear is “That was the most difficult thing I’ve ever lived through, but I have to say I’m not sorry it happened.  As a result, I got shifted into a whole different place in life that I could never have imagined before all that, and which is a much better, happier, and more authentic place for me.”  (The “Elysian Fields” doesn’t mean “happily ever after”.)

The metaphorical Elysian Fields comes after the surrender.  We’re dealing with situations that are literally beyond both our control and our understanding.  One effect is to push us into an area where our horizons are expanded, and we can see new possibilities.  The path to the Elysian Fields is deliberately and (with Saturn’s help) with discipline, to recognize when we’re in the obsessed fighting state and do anything possible to find one activity that brings joy.   Maybe it’s walking by the creek.   Maybe it’s staring at the moon or dancing with friends.  It’s not about something that gives you escape, or that your automatic pilot thinks is joyful (like ice cream or just another mystery novel, or even an expensive cup of coffee).  The key is the experience of joy, not the “rule” that something ought to bring it.

So if you’re in the depths of a personal Pluto-Saturn crisis, drop the struggle, surrender the battle, and make your spiritual path the immediate, present-tense experience of joy.


2 Responses to “November Energies”

  1. Kathy on November 2nd, 2009 3:10 pm

    Anne: Please leave my e-mail out of this, if you could just use my first name if you want to comment for everyone on your blog. Thanks!

    Anne…I have 2 very close friends…one is going through a difficult divorce with an emotionally -abusive husband, and the other is on the receiving end of communication from a guy she dated who she nows finds out may be psychotic, who and has a restraining order against him from his ex, and won’t leave her alone now. I think if you don’t get proactive to take care of business when someone is coming at you, literally, instead of just ‘surrendering’ to that person’s volatile behavior, then you could be on the receiving end of a potentially dangerous outcome…your thoughts.

  2. admin on November 2nd, 2009 5:09 pm

    I agree–you don’t stick around to become a victim. You surrender the relationship. You surrender “making nice”, and you do NOT fight “against” the other person. A restraining order, definitely. Lawsuits, though, won’t work. Perhaps “surrendering” the town one lives in. With Pluto you have to surrender the status quo, and the events working against you are prompts to get you to do that. I’m not talking about what’s seems “right”. It feels overwhelmingly right to fight a lawsuit. We know restraining orders don’t always work, and the tendency of Pluto reactions is to make the other guy move, not the “victim” involved. But I’m talking about what will or won’t work, not what’s right. Yep, it’s unfair. And you, or anyone else, is obviously free to test this out by trying to control the other person’s circumstances. With Pluto, the only thing you can control is yourself.

    Listen to the Pluto Podcast. It’s a lot more about Pluto.

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