Jan-Feb Utube forecast

January 17, 2010

Here’s the forecast for Jan-Feb. It got posted after the earthquake in Haiti, which is not really a part of the astrological pattern described…  we’d need to look at the chart for Haiti to see how Uranus and Mars got empowered in this picture.  What I WILL say about the quake, is there is a lot of power manipulation behind the scene.  The two that I can see peeking through are elevating the USAID into a major coordinator for disasters for one, and the second is what I perceive as unconscionable racism by Gates, who is delaying life-saving health for “security” concerns–fearing people who need food and water will cause riots when it appears, and allowing the situation to get much worse because of these xenophobic fears…  a repeat of the Katrina upside-down priorities.


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