Introducing Evelyn

November 6, 2010

4. Evelyn Talmadge: Austin-Based Healer

This is a blatant and free advertisement for my friend and healer, Evelyn Talmadge.
Evelyn has been an amazing catalyst for me.  This has been one of those “growth years”… and Austin-based Evelyn Talmadge has turned chaos into new patterns for me.  She has a process and a name for what she does, but as far as I’m concerned, her skill is in asking the right questions.  Her questions have turned up issues I wasn’t even conscious of, and her process transforms them.
Here are two examples.
1.  Evelyn’s questioning made me aware that I was afraid of people in some deep way–that my behaviors were based on a fear that I would be “discovered” for something which would place me in danger, and that I had to trust myself only, and couldn’t trust others to help me.  As she probed for when I began feeling like this (pre-verbal stories about my infancy even showed this trait) I suddenly had a FLASH vision.   I saw myself as a slave girl in ancient Rome who was doing Everything Possible to get free.  This probably included blackmail, kidnapping, and other actions that could get me killed.  I finally did get free, living a long and comfortable life in the country–but in that entire lifetime I was always afraid of meeting someone who would recognize me, and always kept my story hidden, in case I’d be captured and killed.  After this vision, my experience of others has changed.  The San Diego trip felt like a love-fest–I was able to receive the love freely given to me rather than fearing and not trusting it.  This shift is holding, too.
2.  More recently, a sense of “emptiness” was traced to my Dad’s feeling that he got the short end of the fairness stick in his own childhood.  This made him feel empty and unrecognized.  Even though I had a blessed childhood, I was carrying my Dad’s issue.  Feeling unrecognized (this was also probably related to hiding, as in the previous issue!), I tried to fill the emptiness with unnecessary snacking, worries, and even by picking up his asthma.  Immediately after this session I was able to Choose whether to snack late at night (and said No several nights in a row), and am sensing a shift in my sense of fulfillment.
The bottom line is, I’m recommending Evelyn to anyone with issues, large and/or small.  She has a way of shifting you into a new experience which immediately feels more natural and less stressful.  You can contact Evelyn Talmadge HERE. Her Facebook page is HERE and her web page is HERE.


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