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September 7, 2009

Subject: Class Announcement

Class Announcement and Details:
Meeting the Archetype on the Road
Anne Beversdorf, teacher
Class Overview

Meeting the Archetype on the Road:
(How to recognize archetypal energy systems and what to do with them)

This is an astrology class for non-astrologers as well as active astrologers.  I will NOT be teaching technical astrology.  The basis of this class is for you to learn how to understand archetypal energy systems when you encounter them.   In other words, What does it FEEL like to get sideswiped by Pluto? What does it FEEL like to get swamped by Neptune?

We are always on the planetary dance floor, and wish it or not, these archetypal energy systems are always engaging us in a dance.   Times when you’re full of energy and optimism are easy.  Times when you’re angry and lashing out aren’t so easy—but the same archetypes are involved.   Our goal in this class is to learn enough to know how to recognize energy opportunities so, without needing to consult an astrological chart,  we can recognize energy patterns and choose to experience the the preferred side of the archetypal pattern.   We’ll also cover specific remedy systems (from the Vedic tradition) to ameliorate difficult energy patterns.

Just after announcing this class, I learned of a fabulous new journal, ARCHAI announcing a new approach to astrology, from Richard Tarnas.  He speaks of “archetypal cosmology” and is introducing, in an academic way, what we will be doing in a practical way in this class.  If you would like to subscribe to this journal (FREE), click here.

When, Where, How Much?

WHEN: The class will be 6 consecutive Thursday evenings, 7-9 pm, starting October 1, 2009.

WHERE: Northwest Austin, Texas;  location to be announced to class registrants.

HOW MUCH: The classes will be $15/class, or $75 for all six if prepaid. (This gives you one free class, and is the perfect answer if you Think you’ll attend all, but are not sure.)

WHAT WILL I GET? (Aside from the practical life-benefits, of course.) You’ll receive a copies of your own birthchart (both western and vedic charts), handouts for each of the planetary energy archetypes we’ll cover, and handouts for specific activities to ameliorate the effects of particularly difficult energies (based on vedic remedy principles)

BRIBE:  FREE HALF HOUR added to a first reading or follow-up reading for any student who prepays or who attends 5 classes!

REGISTER NOW (click here). Please type Class Registration in the subject line.  Clicking this link does not require prepayment.  It is simply your registration for the class.  To receive the prepayment discount, let me know in the body of your message and I’ll arrange billing for you.

Class Topics:

Oct 1:  Introduction to archetypal energy patterns, what it feels like to be possessed by an archetype, Introducing Solar and Lunar archetypes, how to recognize them, how to utilize them, how to remediate them.

Oct 8:  Reviewing Solar/Lunar archetypes–your experiences.  Introducing archetypal patterns associated with Mercury, Venus.  What happens when a planet “changes direction” (planetary stations).

Oct 15:  Mars and Jupiter archetypes. They both have good and bad sides.   Better find out!

Oct 22:  Saturn and Uranus archetypal patterns.   Now we’re getting into serious territory.

Oct 29:  Neptune and Pluto.  Hell or transcendance?

Nov 5:   Interactions of multiple archetypes (life issues rarely come “one at a time”), review, conclusion.

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