03/12/09 Truly rare astro conditions coming…

March 12, 2009

I’ve been busy—thanks to all of you–and slow in getting notes up.   As you probably know, we’re in the middle of a Venus Retrograde period—til April 17, but we won’t be past the “shadow” til May 21st.   Venus is what we value–love, money, comfort, security, “bling”, anything we “desire”.   When Venus goes retrograde, for most of us it’s simply a time to re-examine our value systems (including Self-value).  In the public eye though, Venus Rx tends to show us–all of us, everyone, where someone public has FAILED to pass the “values” test.   It’s a time for scandals to pop up.   Just the other day, the International Court issued a statement that they WILL begin proceedings against the previous US administration for war crimes.   Oh–and a new book by a prominent author (Seymour Hirsch?) is saying Cheney had his very own “assassination squads” to hunt down and kill folks around the world that he himself targeted.   Hmmm.

One little note–big for some of you.  The day before Venus went RX–Thu, Mar 5, it was sitting stationary, rattling our “values/money” cages, while the Moon opposed Pluto.   I had quite a handful of clients and friends call me with “screwed over by their bosses (Pluto: BIG power) over money” issues, and one heart attack apparently caused by an inability to keep secrets and lies from leaking out.   Moon opposes Pluto once a month, but rarely while Venus is stationary.

NOW the BIG stuff…  (yes, more BIG stuff)

On May 29 and 30 will be an exact and powerful pattern than will continue to echo, resonate, and play out over the entire summer and fall, not ending til November, when the other “bookend” of the pattern occurs.  What is this pattern you may ask….

At exactly 26 degrees of tropical Aquarius (which means it’s also Aquarius in the sidereal, or Vedic system), Jupiter will be standing watch as Neptune and Chiron station retrograde (yes, all THREE at 26 tropical Aquarius) on the 29th and 30th of May.   To say this is rare is an understatement.  I wish I knew how to calculate these kinds of patterns, but I can safely say this combination at ANY degree is a thousands upon thousands of years cycle–maybe tens of thousands.  It just so happens that 25 Aquarius is the Sibley chart U.S. moon, and Obama’s Uranus (modern ruling planet for Aquarius) is exactly opposite this point.  So this very much applies to events in the United States.

Let’s look at the pieces of this pattern:

Jupiter makes things big.  It’s also generally a benevolent planet.  We usually associate Aquarius with new ways of thinking and the “masses” of people.  But big isn’t always good… Jupiter trine Mars in air signs (Aquarius is one) created huge winds feeding wildfires in California several years back, until the aspect ended.

Neptune is about ideals, illusions, deceptions.  It’s also in charge of “anesthesia”, of water and of gas.

Chiron is usually called “the wounded healer”.   I don’t say that’s wrong, but I see him as “the wound that heals”.   We receive a chiron wound early in life, and the wound itself drives us to develop gifts that eventually (if we’re growing), we value more than the pain of the wound.   Chiron transits are usually a shock that heals.  Like lancing a boil—you know, like a humongous pimple that won’t come to a head and hurts like heck.  Lancing the boil takes the pressure and pain off, but it’s painful when it happens.  It also allows us to drain the infection and heal.  Sorry for the gory metaphor, but that’s the way it is.

Oh–and all this is being opposed by Saturn in the sidereal zodiac.  Good ol’ Uranus Saturn stuff again–upset the old order.  And of course, Aquarius is STILL ruled by Saturn, and Pluto is riding in Saturn’s “other” sign, Capricorn–just setting the backdrop here.

Putting these things together I get the picture that we’re gonna see a huge, gory bandaid pulled off a huge raging “infection” in the country.   Jupiter rules growth, so maybe we’ll finally “get it” as a nation that “restoring growth” isn’t realistic.   (Maybe we can start thinking in terms of Bhutan’s “Gross National Happiness” instead of Gross National PRODUCT.)

How will we get this?   Well, maybe AIG WILL finally fail.   But I also see the possibility of huge flooding (Neptune with Jupiter and Chiron) or a terrible gas leak (not a fire though, but airborne gas) that shows us just how seriously we’ve gotta be about repairing what’s been neglected to the point of breaking.   The good news is that Jupiter provides a saving kindness, Neptune offers emotional anesthesia, and wounding caused by Chiron is usually the early surgery that saves a bigger one later.   Maybe we’ll see a “superstorm” big enough to shut up all the “global warming is a lie” naysayers… put the fear of God into them, so to speak…   Believe me, this is BIG.   And these planets are riding along together all summer.   Then between Oct 31 and Nov 4, first Chiron, then Neptune station direct at 21 and 23 degrees of Aquarius… still tag-teaming each other and bringing the issues up again.  I think it IS possible that we’ll have a big disaster with surprisingly few fatalities.  It Can happen.  Remember the Candlestick Quake in San Francisco?

Another BIG thing about this combination is a magical feeling of optimism and relief.  The relief can be that “now we know the problem and therefore we can fix it”, or the magic can be sheer spiritual exhilaration.   Hmmm.  Maybe a big UFO show?  A massive spiritual breakthrough?

What else might be involved?   Not fire, not big institutions except where the issue of deception is involved.  (Ok,  can’t rule out big institutions period.)  SO, we might discover that the hundreds of billions we’ve been dumping on investment banks has landed in private accounts in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands. AND be charged up to take it back.   That would fit the bill.   But I’m still thinking water, gas, even communication systems being scammed–maybe a HUGE internet virus.

The Sabian Symbol for 26 Aqu is “An ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh violets.  The importance of traditional skills and artistic values deeply rooted in man’s instinctive feelings as frames of reference for man’s most authentic emotions.  Delicacy of Feelings.”   Not so bad.   This suggests the more magical and spiritual side, and respect for nature, traditions.   Could we discover something amazingly revealing and totally unexpected about our own history?

I’d love to hear other ideas about what this could bring.


4 Responses to “03/12/09 Truly rare astro conditions coming…”

  1. Diane Yankelevitz on April 18th, 2009 5:56 pm

    With the Sun that day conjunct Uranus in 6th, trine the south node and sextile the north node and chiron, I think someone who has a very mundane job will suddenly spill the beans about all the craziness they see. Late at night on May 29th the moon will be opposite Chiron, Jupiter, Neptune, and the Sibley moon – the public will suddenly know a big secret – feelings aobut the country and us as citizens vs a foreign emotion and ego or a legal ruling which is opposite freedom and individuality, which will ultimately heal us after we sort it out. It could be from a foreign land, or be from within, but something we don’t relate to emotionally. Pluto opposite Sibley venus – the power of selfish business vs the love of the people for our homeland.

  2. admin on April 18th, 2009 6:07 pm

    Good insights, Diane. I’ve been wondering about the Spanish investigations into the “Bush Six” –the torture charges. Right now they’re up in the air, but it could be a huge shock to the US public to see our officials facing official charges as war criminals. It will shock Obama, too, as his Uranus is at the same 26 Aquarius. On the other hand, it may be about international banking and the tendency to secret funds offshore, away from US taxing. It’ll definitely be a hot few days.

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