Uranus Through the Houses of the Birthchart

Uranus Through the Houses of the Birthchart

Someone with Uranus in the first house will fear loss of freedom in the way they present themselves to the world, and in their immediate environment. If you tell a Uranus first house person they have to change their clothing styles, for example, you’ll feel their rebellion flash in front of you.

In the second house, Uranus means the fear of loss of freedom in the arena of personal values and possessions. Even a fictional account of being denied the freedom to express personal values so angered my normally easy-going friend it took him a few moments to find the humor! Any attempt to limit one’s freedom to have any values (or non at all) is a sure battle-cry to people with this placement.

Uranus in the third house splits the scene when anyone tries to looks like they’re messing with details important to them. Don’t tell them they’ve got their facts wrong! These people hit flashpoints over the most trivial (to anyone else) details–about factoids, neighborhood, elementary schools, siblings….

Uranus in the fourth house, on the other hand… We already have a vision of these peripatetic apartment hoppers. The reason they move so much is they want the FREEDOM to choose their own home–and if they bought one, or signed a lease, well, then they wouldn’t have the freedom to choose anymore, would they! However, you might find fourth house Uranus person choosing a very unusual or strange home, expressing the need for freedom by making their home a haven for the unusual. At mealtimes, I wouldn’t suggest serving the plate of a Uranus in the fourth person either. Better let them make their own choices (or enjoy the fight!)

Uranus in the fifth house presses my button. Unusual ways of having fun, but don’t limit my freedom of choice in what kind of fun it will be. I noticed, going to video stores with friends, that I NEVER agreed to movies they selected–even if it were something I wanted to see. I didn’t even notice myself doing it… just would ease the discussion around to a movie that I chose. After watching a bunch of awful movies (my friends have good taste) I decided to get the monkey off my back by announcing that next time THEY would choose the movie. Guess who was in still in charge!! This is about fear of losing freedom in the fifth house matter of entertainment. Also in the fifth are fear of losing freedom by having children, leading to unusual parenting and unusual children when these people Do have kids, and fear of losing freedom of personal creativity.

Uranus in the sixth house is fear of losing freedom in the area of daily work and health. These people are often job-hoppers–the boss told them what to do one too many times! Or may have strange attitudes about going to doctors–like not ever going or splitting as soon as someone tells them how to manage their own health.

Uranus in the seventh house is about fear of loss of control in the arena of relationships. These people often have difficulty making relationship commitments. On the other hand, they may be attracted to highly unusual people, people who are themselves commitment-phobit (or to astrologers). This is a useful placement for gay people, because they are already unusual (statistically speaking) and are looking for another “unusual” person. However, Uranus in the seventh is not at all a “sign” of sexual preference one way or the other.

Uranus in the eighth house on the other hand, may speak to sexual issues. I embarrassed a sweet young housewife once by teasing (with reference, in part, to her eighth house Uranus in Scorpio) “Oh, you like things a little kinky in the bedroom, huh!!” She grinned, turned fifteen shades of red, and nodded yes. On the other hand, Uranus in the eight, fearing loss of freedom in any issue relating to deep intimacy, transformation, or other peoples’ values, will never allow YOU to set the pace in these areas. If your new romantic encounter has Uranus in the eighth, you’d better wait for him/her to make the first move, or they’ll be “outta there”!

Uranus in the ninth house means fear of loss of freedom–freedom at any cost–in the arena of philosophy, higher education, philosophy, long-distance travel. They will often have highly unusual belief systems, and in this group you will find those who dropped out of college because they thought the required courses were “stupid” (e.g., an intolerable infringement on their freedom).

Uranus in the tenth house is about fear of loss of freedom in the arena of life represented by one’s status in the community or one’s career. One Uranus-in-the tenth person guards his personal life like a vault, afraid that any personal information that “leaks” will restrict his ability to do what he wants to in his professional career.

Uranus in the eleventh house is associated with fear of loss of freedom in the arena of life associated with friends, hopes, wishes, and dreams, and groups. One eleventh house Uranus client won’t join ANY group, because “then they start telling me where to be what night of the week and what time to be there.” She keeps a detailed calendar of appointments with friends and her university class schedules without any problems.

Uranus in the twelfth house means fear of loss of control in the arena of institutions, spirituality, chaos, and the unknown. As you move into the last quadrant of the chart, the “triggers” are a little more difficult to identify, since these houses, the “transpersonal houses” deal with larger issues than, for example, the very personal issues governed by first quadrant houses. But Uranus in the twelfth will split the scene when someone tries to get him to adopt the advice of their latest channeled entity, for example. Spirituality (as opposed to religion) is something this person will figure out for him/herself, thank you very much!