Pluto Through the Houses

Pluto Through the Houses of the Birthchart

For a person with Pluto in the first, moving towards the opposite house means surrendering our intense fear of loss of control over what they see as “self” in order to reach out to a partner. This person will seek out partners in order to help define his or her own self, and then reject that partner for being “controlling.” They need to learn to see themselves from another’s perspective without fearing that that perspective will control them.

For a person with Pluto in the second, it is a fear of losing control over the area of life represented by personal values and possessions. It means learning to see beyond our own value system and learning how others value the world, or giving up our extreme possessiveness and learning to give what others truly wish to receive.

Pluto in the third means fear of losing control in the area of life represented by our siblings, neighborhood, lower education (these kids have trouble with authority in grade school) and communication; it means giving up our need for control in the “little picture” and learning to see the “big picture” — to explore the world, higher education and philosophy. These people need to learn how to “see the forest” and not just the trees.

Pluto in the fourth fears loss of control in the home. Don’t try to rearrange furniture in the home of a fourth-house Pluto person! But the fourth house Pluto person is being challenged to move beyond the arena of the home and into the public world.

Pluto in the fifth means fear of losing control in areas of life represented by our children, the creative expression of our minds, and the expression of our own will. This person will be challenged by losing this control until they learn to express power through involvement with friends and associates in order to help facilitate the collective will, rather than their own personal will.

Pluto in the sixth is a challenge in your daily work or physical health. It means having a fear of losing control in the arena of life represented by your daily activities, work, health, and service. This placement means learning that your doing your job isn’t a life-or-death matter. Pluto in the sixth cannot tolerate others’ having control over their daily schedule, their personal health, and in the way they perform services for others. They have a need for order that must be overcome by moving into the opposite arena represented by the twelfth house, which is, literally chaos. Their challenge is to move away from rigidity in daily activities and service into a larger understanding of spiritual issues. To move away from physical health concerns to an understanding of mental and spiritual health.

Pluto in the seventh fears losing control in the area of relationships. The most frightening threat to them is that another person may control the relationship. These are the people who are so invested in control that they can’t seem to allow the other person to make any decisions. This is a classic placement for codependent behavior. A seventh house Pluto person must accept that they do not and cannot control others. They need to move away from a focus on others to an awareness of themselves as individuals.

Pluto in the eighth fears loss of control in shared resources. This is the person who doles out pennies to his/her partner and thinks he/she is sharing. This is the person who thinks “we” are having great sex when it’s always where, when and how HE/SHE wants it. They need to surrender control of joint resources, and let others express their own values. Often, an eighth house Pluto person will bridle at any implication that their values should be different. They react as if the other person is trying to define them, and will become angry at suggestions that, at other times, they may have considered on their own. The problem is they don’t have a sense of their own values and really do think others are trying to control them. They need to learn to identify their own values in order to see that others are simply expressing ideas.

Pluto in the ninth can see the forest but not the trees. They will often become fanatically devoted to a particular belief system, which forces them to face challenge after challenge until they learn to pay more attention to the small, seemingly (to them) insignificant details. Their fear is losing control over “big picture” life arenas: higher education, philosophy, travel. This is the travel companion who feels free to change plans on you, but will throw a fit if you change them on him/her. They must learn that details are just as important as grand ideas, and that facts are as necessary as theories. They must learn to ground their optimism with hands-on activity.

Pluto in the tenth represents a person with great power in the arena of public life. They will exert power in their career, in their community status… and will react as if their life is threatened should anyone question this power. This is a person so determined to exercise control over their career that their home life ends up neglected– and this person will inevitably draw to him/herself experiences that challenge their public power. Their lesson is to learn to move into the home and to give and experience the nurturing that comes from a home-like environment.

Pluto in the eleventh is the person who subtly controls arrangements for all the friends, groups, and associates they’re involved in. They will also try to control the arena of their life represented by their strongest hopes and dreams and wishes. Their challenge is to learn personal, creative self-expression. They must learn to express themselves, to stand up for their own creative or leadership needs, rather than to subtly try to control the issues of the groups with which they’re involved.

Pluto in the twelfth is perhaps the most difficult of all placements. These people are at the end of a cycle and are finishing up the most powerful pieces of “left-over karma”. The twelfth house represents chaos, and these people fear loss of control over chaos, over the unknown, of the psychic realm, of mental health. Some Pluto in the twelfth individuals have a real of fear losing their minds. Others will refuse to face any belief system, therefore exerting a negative kind of control. Others still will cling to one strange set of religious/spiritual beliefs only to have them traumatically proven false, whereupon they will rush to adopt another. Ultimately, these people will be forced to look into the abyss of the unknown without turning away. In practical terms, a life of routine, of service, or work in the health fields is most beneficial to people with this placement.