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According to the ancient writer, Hermes Trismegistus, each planet has implanted a little bit of its character into the Spirit of each human born on Earth. Since the planets were called the Governors of Destiny, it was important to know the typical influences of these planets. (see the Creation Story under articles)

Hermes reminds us that we take on the influence of the planets when we enter physical form–our human body. He says that to return to the realm of God, we must know enough about each planet’s influence on us to return that influence to the planet–to divest ourselves of the shell of ego. In symbolic form, this is still important. It helps us to recognize the difference between our Personality Shell, and our Deeper Self.

Articles about the Planets

The Sun: Giver of Life to Earth

The Moon: Watcher of Dreams

Mercury: Messenger and Trickster

Venus: Oh, The Allure!

Mars:  Protecting Your Territory

Jupiter: From Satyr to Sage

Saturn: The Reckoner

Chiron: Trapped in Orbit, In Search of Meaning

Practical Chiron

Chiron: Quick Review

Uranus: The Awakener, The Rebel

Uranus Through the Houses

Uranus: Myths and Ancient Stories


Neptune: Myths and Ancient Stories


Pluto Through the Houses

The Nodes of the Moon Myths and Ancient Symbols