NEW BOOK: Vedic Secrets to Happiness


Vedic Secrets to Happiness:  Life’s Handbook

To Help You Improve the Good Stuff and Reduce the Troubles in Life

by Anne Beversdorf


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The Vedic tradition of knowledge is truly a spiritual technology. Over millennia the sages of India have understood how to tweak the energy systems we live in so our lives can function better. Having off-balance energy systems is like grocery shopping using a cart with a wobbly wheel. You spend so much effort avoiding crashes that you forget half your list. When our life is off-balance, we forget our goals. Techniques for balancing these energies are unexpected: Did you know that giving gadgets to geeks can reduce insomnia, or smooth the disruptions of a mid-life crisis? Or that painting fireflies for your father can improve your leadership skills? Or that giving orange poppies to firefighters can reduce your need for surgery? These kinds of activities, along with mantras, prayers, rituals, and formal ceremonies can dramatically improve the quality of your life. From improving moods to saving the life of a micro-preemie baby, these remedies can apply to any area of life.

VEDIC SECRETS FOR HAPPINESS is the product of Anne Beversdorf’s two decades of research, teaching, and practice in using the remedial techniques of Jyotish. The result is a unique and cross-cultural compendium of time-tested life-improvement activities which can be used by anyone.

Nearly 300 pages of examples, self-assessment tools, detailed activity sheets, and index to help you get started immediately.

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What Others Are Saying:

Dennis Harness, founder of ACVA and director of Institute of Vedic Astrology of Sedona says:

“Anne Beversdorf’s enlightening text provides a practical guide to harmonize our lives with planetary energies.  She offers ancient Vedic remedial measures that strengthen our life force on every level.  Her healing journey is inspirational, helping us influence our destiny through our own effort combined with divine grace.”


Ben Collins, Founder of says:

“Any person can pick up this book, follow the self analysis, and select a series of practices to bring balance and peace into their lives…  This is a journey of inner and outer discovery that will bring you insight into the connectedness of the universe and your place in it … If it sounds simple, that’s because it is—and what’s more, these techniques are fun!”