Sources for Mantras, Pujas, Yagyas

Sources for Mantra, Puja, Yagyas


American Sanskrit Institute………       

73 Four Corners Road

Warwick, New York 10990

800 484-7112 ext. 1008

Their product line is constantly shifting, but the mantras are correctly pronounced and performed.  The musical is more “western” than India-n, so depending on your preference and history these mantras may be easier to listen to (or not) than traditional India-n musical mantra.

Ask for their catalog, too. It’s a work of art.

————————————————————————————————————  Custom Yagyas arranged with the Malibu Hindu Temple and many temples in India, arranged by Ben Collins.  Contact Ben directly at [email protected]


The priests at the Malibu temple are from an unbroken family lineage of priests that has been traced back 4000 years.  The difference between a puja (below) and a yagya is the inclusion of the fire ceremonies, which makes the ceremony far more potent.  Many of these ceremonies are performed in India, and proceeds from this non-profit group benefit temples, and families of poor priests in India.  The good done here is remarkable.

I trust Ben to determine which ceremony is most appropriate given the particular situation involved.  You can tell him the planet you wish to remedy or the situation, and he and the priests confer to determine the best propitiation.  These cost approximately the same as the Amaji ceremonies, but include more.  Ben needs your name, birthdata and your Moon’s nakshatra. subscriptions:  One of the greatest services Ben Collins has arranged is the ability for large numbers of people to share the high costs of expensive yagyas and pujas on a regular basis.   For a low monthly rate, you can be included in all the ceremonies done during the course of a month.  This number ranges from about 8-10 to sometimes over 20 specific ceremonies.   Participating on a regular basis has the effect of smoothing out many rough edges in life, and funds and prashna (food, etc) from the ceremonies are shared with many poor priests and their families in India.

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Pujas from Amaji


Mata Amritanandamayi Center (or M. A. Center)
10200 Crow Canyon Road
Castro Valley, CA 94552 USA


Tel:  510.537.9417     Fax: 510.889.8585

Email: [email protected]





Monks from Amaji’s non-denominational temple in India perform pujas for each planet (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu) at $35 per planet, or all nine for $250


In addition to planetary pujas, Amaji’s center will do pujas for special circumstances, ranging from $65 each to $250 each.  You must provide your birthdate, time, place, the lunar nakshatra of your Moon, as well as your name, address, phone number (with check).