Sun Remedies


                           SUN:  Table of Affinities


Weekday:  SUNDAY                                                         Shape:  RECTANGLE







Divine Father








Archangel Michael



King, fathers, government officials, president, physicians, powerful people, males, high-class people



Lion, tiger, deer, goose, horse, glow-worms, eagle, rooster



Very large and strong trees, red flowers, large, showy yellow flowers, marigold, celandine, peony, sunflowers, rare or expensive woods, pine, orange trees, cedar, almond, lavender, medicinal herbs, frankincense tree, cedar, laurel, citrus trees



Hot and spicy foods, cayenne, black pepper, ginger, cardamom, saffron, bayberry, cinnamon, calamus, camphor, eucalyptus, bitter foods, chamomile, almond, rosemary, nutmeg, fine wines, liquors, St. John’s wort, oranges, citrus fruit



Temples, churches, open areas, deserts, palaces, fabulous buildings, government buildings, towers, home of the ruler, theaters

Gems and Minerals


Ruby, garnet, gold, copper






Deep red (preferred), yellow, gold, orange








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SUN Remedies

SUNDAY Activities


Charity and Service

Using the Table of Affinities, give to persons, places or animals other things from the affinity list for at least nine consecutive weeks.  For more serious problems, perform the charity for as many weeks as your age plus one:  If you are 34 years old, do your charity for 35 weeks.


Example: give red flowers to government leaders, fragrant herbs to a temple.  Give wheat or copper in charity.



Include use of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether

Candle ritual:  Light a red candle at dawn on Sunday.  Surround it with red flowers, green stones, and invoke and honor the energy of the Sun.  Use an image (statue or photograph) of a Sun archetype (including your father).



Give up foods from the Table of Affinities for at least nine consecutive Sundays, or for at least nine consecutive days.


Creative Homage

Draw, paint, dance or create music utilizing the colors, energies, principles and mantras of the planet.



·        Om Suryaya Namaha                     Dispeller of ignorance

·        Om Savitra Namaha                       Light of enlightenment

·        Om Adityaya Namaha                    Light of the Sage

·        Om Ravaye Namaha                      Light of compelling radiance

·        Om Mitraya Namaha                      Light of universal friendship

·        Om Bhanave Namaha                     Shining principle

·        Om Pushne Namaha                       Light of mystic fire

·        Om Arkaya Namaha                      Light that removes afflictions

·        Om Sum (pronounced as long u: soom)  (seed mantra)

·        Japa kusuma sankarsham kashyapeyam mahadyutim
Tamorim sarva papaghnam pranato shim divakaram

·        Gayatri:      Om bur buva swaha tat savitur varehnyam
                   vargo devasya dimahi di yo yo na pratchodaya



Sun pujas, Gayatri pujas


Healing Stories—Read stories relating to the Sun archetype.




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