Moon Remedies


MOON:  Table of Affinities

 Weekday:  MONDAY                                                                              Shape:  CIRCLE





Divine Mother




Kwan Yin


Virgin Mary

Archangel Gabriel


Moon goddesses



Mothers, the queen, females, care-givers, nurses, nursery-workers (for plants, animals and children), food providers, hotel service persons, infancy, the public at large, sailors, drunkards, midwives



Antelope, rabbit, water-animals, partridge, crane, frogs, shellfish, fish



White flowers, jasmine, gardenia, lotus, lily, plants or trees that are oily or sappy, plants with milky sap, night-blooming plants, water-blooming plants, poppy, palm trees, sandalwood



Milk and milk products, melons, everyday fruits and vegetables, cucumber, marshmallow, coconut, slippery elm, comfrey root, corn, solomon’s seal, mild herbs, water, beer, stewed, or brewed foods, cold food, tender or juicy fruits, salty flavors, fish, cabbage, onion, lettuce, mushrooms



Watery places, aquariums, beaches, docks, rivers, oceans, well, boats, ships, public places, hotels and motels, nests, waterside homes, breweries, dairies, hospitals, women’s residences or dormitories, fountains

Gems and Minerals


Pearl, Moonstone, Silver, Bronze, clear crystals



White rice



Milky-white (preferred), silver, pale and pastel colors




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MOON Remedies


MONDAY Activities


Charity and Service

Using the Table of Affinities, give to persons, places or animals other things from the affinity list for at least nine consecutive weeks.  For more serious problems, perform the charity for as many weeks as your age plus one:  If you are 34 years old, do your charity for 35 weeks.


Example: give white flowers (or milk) to mothers or nursery workers on Mondays.  Throw silver in a river (fresh, running water).  Keep milk in a vessel by the bed at night and next morning give it to a moon-like plant.



Include use of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether

Candle ritual:  Light a white candle at dawn on Monday.  Surround it with white flowers, pearls, and invoke and honor the energy of the Moon.  Use an image (statue or photograph) of a Moon divinity (including your mother).



Give up foods from the Table of Affinities for at least nine consecutive Mondays, or for at least nine consecutive days.


Creative Homage

Draw, paint, dance or create music utilizing the colors, energies, principles and mantras of the planet.



·        Om Somaya Namaha

·        Om Chandraya Namaha

·        Cham (pronounced “chum”) (seed mantra)

·        Shreem (seed mantra)

·        Som (seed mantra)

·        Dadhi shankha tusharabham kshirodarnava sambhavam
Namami shashinam somam sambhor mukuta bhushanam



Moon pujas, ceremonies to the Great Mother


Healing Stories—Read stories Moon archetype.


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