Astro-Remedy Pages

How to Use Astro-Remedy Pages

For each traditional planet (see the links for each planet listed below), you will find a page with two sections.

The first section is a “Table of Affinities”.   This shows you the people, places, things, foods, deities, colors, etc. associated with a particular planet.   For those familiar with the western traditions, you may be surprised by some differences.  Colors associated with planets and gemstones associated with planets are quite different in the Indian system.  (Just for your information, “birthstones” are not metaphysically born.  They were created by the jewelers’ association long ago to boost sales.)

The second section is Remedies, which give suggestions for activities that help remedy a planetary imbalance.

The rule of thumb is that any planetary remedy must be done for a minimum of nine consecutive weeks.  If you miss a week you have to start over.   For particularly difficult, “stuck”, or long-term issues, the remedy should be done for as many weeks as your age, plus one.  For example, if you are 25, you must do the activity for 26 weeks.  Again, if you miss a week you have to start the count over (but all is not lost–the energy will tend to accumulate).

It’s not necessary to do the same activity for a specific planet each and every week.  You can mix and match remedies.  The important thing is to keep it up.

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