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Vedic Secrets to Happiness:  Life’s Handbook, by Anne Beversdorf, Stariel Press, Austin, TX, 2012.  Softcover—282pp.–$22.95 (ISBN 978-0-9833930-0-9).  Available from:

In antiquity, astrology was about predicting future possibilities—and preventing them from playing out, if they didn’t look good.  The ancient Babylonians were masters at this, and in India to this day, practices are prescribed to eliminate or reduce the materialization of negative karma.  For the most part, modern Western astrologers have forgotten how to do this—but Anne Beversdorf’s new book may change all that.

To understand how this astrological methodology works, remember that the ancients viewed the universe not as completely material but as deeply rooted in spirit.  They believed that the cosmos has a powerful subconscious mind, much like our own, but existing on a truly vast scale.  If you understand the connections between the archetypes in this universal consciousness, you could reshape reality on a subtle level.  This spiritual science was the basis of magic and of the astrological prescriptions still used in Vedic astrology.

In this stunningly brilliant book, Beversdorf shows how you can design your own astrological prescriptions, based on these ancient principles, “to help you improve life’s good stuff and reduce the messes.”  What makes Vedic Secrets to Happiness so remarkable is that you don’t have to be a Vedic astrologer to experiment with these techniques.  In fact, you don’t even have to know your own horoscope! Beversdorf teaches you how to diagnose the karmic imbalances playing out in your life, how they relate to planetary archetypes, and how to heal them through the heartfelt performance of appropriate actions, rituals, or prayers.  If you’re an astrologer—Vedic or Western—there’s also advice on how to trace the real-life imbalances in your natal chart.

Beversdorf brings back the practical dimension to Western astrology, reinitiating modern practitioners into astrological remedies that are based on insights and techniques preserved in India.  Whether you’ve been reading charts your whole life or are a complete beginner, there’s a treasure trove of eminently useful astrological lore here.

Anne Beversdorf has taught at Indiana and San Diego State Universities, and owned an educational software company.  She practices both Vedic and Western astrology in the Texas Hill Country.  Vedic Secrets to Happiness is one of the most exciting astrology books I’ve seen in years.  It could revolutionize the way astrology is practiced in the West by returning it to its ancient roots.

–reviewed by Linda Johnsen

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