hindu-temple-stuck-in-customs-photostreamUpayas: Astrological “Remedies”

One of the brilliant features of Vedic astrology is the use of “upayas”, or planetary remedies. Born from an ancient tradition, many thousands of years old, these remedies have tremendous effectiveness in cases of “changeable karma”.
Have you ever been to a supermarket and picked up a cart with a damaged wheel? You’ll spend the whole supermarket experience fighting with your cart and it takes lots of extra effort to remember your ent ire shopping list! If someone could wave a magic wand over that wheel and make it roll smoothly, the whole experience would be more stress-free. That’s what these remedies can do in your life.
Have I used these remedies myself? You bet I have! Do recommended them to my clients? Definitely! Those who take the trouble to do them report back to me surprising successes in improving the very specific things they wanted to change in their lives!
The Vedas delineate many kinds of karma. There is the “pot of karma” from all our lifetimes, from which we scoop out a portion at each birth to experience in our current life. In this lifetime our actions, both good and bad, go into that pot to sweeten or sour the “karmic soup” for future lifetimes. In some lifetimes we may have selected many hard things at once, so the soup remaining in the pot for future lives will be sweeter. In other lifetimes we may decide we need a break, so we choose lots of the good pieces from the karmic soup-pot.
Once we’re born, however, the specific “portion of soup” contains its own different types of karma. There are some karmic conditions that are simply unchangeable. They are what they are and the best we can do is enjoy it if it’s pleasant or learn to live with it if it’s unpleasant, although these can be easier to tolerate if we use remedies. Other karmic portions are somewhat stuck, but will change if we put enough effort into making a change.
The attributes of each planet, and the associations with each planet are taken primarily from jyotish (Vedic astrology: the word literally means “science of light”). Since the system of remedies developed in this tradition, it is important to use the same affiliations that have worked for so many years.
Remedies based on charities, service, and worship are activities that actually change our “karma pot”. The changes we experience through these efforts go withus from lifetime to lifetime, whereas a gemstone doesn’t follow our spirit afterdeath. Any benefits gained from a gemstone are left behind with the material body.