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What Clients are Saying:

Dear Anne,

It has been over a month since we talked and I’ve had many opportunities to reflect on the information you’ve given me.  I’ve re-listened to our session a few times and I just want to thank you for your insights and the assistance you’ve given me (which is ongoing–believe me).
I’ve also read some articles on your website and want you to know how “in tune” I think you are to our times.  How interesting it is that we are here in this time to experience, to understand any coming changes, to be a part of it all.  I believe we chose it.  I agree with you also in your latest article regarding the me-ness of many who feel they are to lead…when it really seems to me that it is in the cooperation that the solutions come.
As a side-note, you asked me what happened when I was 28 and not much came to mind.  However, it dawned on me that that was the year my father (whom I perceived as being my safety net) moved [out of state] and I realized that I was no longer that protected child.  So, once again, the information you’ve given me has sparked some reflective thought that has brought some understanding.
Anne, I am very happy to have crossed paths with you.  It has meant a great deal to me.
Best Regards,
PH, Indiana
Anne Beversdorf is a wonderfully creative astrologer. I very much enjoy her insights. –Marianne Williamson, Author


I hold no person on this planet in higher esteem than this remarkable woman, and unhesitatingly encourage any and all to receive the blessing of her talents and dedication.  –Jim Hennum, Publicity Director, California Institute for Open Studies, San Diego


Some really exciting things have been happening as of late! I went back to Italy last month to meet with a casting office -it was amazing. …  Then if that wasn’t enough-I got recognized several times while I was eating in a restaurant and/or walking down the street! So weird! The movie was 2 years ago-and they still know me as ‘mean bride’! (the part I played). They asked for photos with me-I’m thinking-I’m from Kansas-this is insane!

I have to tell you once again-it is YOU who predicted this foreign fame! 5 years ago at xmas you read my chart and said -you will go thru a rough couple years-I did indeed w/all 4 of my grandparents passing – and then you will have fame in Europe w/movies..etc..  It came true! Nothing could’ve seemed more far fetched-considering I’m from Kansas! My dad asked me while we were in Italy last month – ‘Imagine if someone would’ve told you 5 years ago that this would be happening’ and I said ‘They DID!!’  —Amanda Gabbard Book, actress

I can’t believe how diferent I feel after we spoke.  Much lighter, more in tune with myself and the universe.  Perhaps it is a combination of your insights and the extra energy I am feeling.  I look forward to talking with you again!   –GC, School Principal, Ohio


Anne Beversdorf is an astrologer’s astrologer.  Her knowledge, skills, and her ability to articulate information make her an excellent counselor.  Anne is insightful and delightful, and has the ability and wisdom to help you gain great clarity, understanding, and self-empowerment.  –JG, Broadcaster, Louisiana


Anne, Thanks so much. You hit the level I’m on and need to communicate about. Not an easy task.  As I spoke with you a beautiful, unusual, red and white and black butterfly darted at my window. This follows by minutes seeing a bumper sticker:

Butterflies, not Bombs

— which created a thought: do we have a choice?  Some of the happenings in my world feel like bombs, but today you gave me the butterfly of transformation.   —B.K.

My life is unfolding JUST as you said it would…. and I see the deeper meanings of the reading as things unfold.   You not only read “the chart” but all that the chart is a vehicle for–karmic patterns and lessons, agreements, evolutionary trajectories, etc.   Many thanks for offering us all your gift.–Sherry Ackerman, Ph.D., Philosophy Professor, Towson University, MD


I’ve really enjoyed and been instructed by our relationship.   One reason is the basic positive and constructive attitude you’ve shown.  To me that’s a perspective that is spiritual: both hopeful and meaningful.  The only salvation of suffering is meaning.  –Bonnie K. Writer/Advocate, Taos, New Mexico

Last time we spoke, you said the eclipses of July and August were likely to bring about restructuring or reorganization in my company, possibly a change of bosses. You said it would be a window of about two weeks in either direction. Yesterday, at the beginning of the two-week window, we learned of a hostile takeover from a French company. They will buy us out and consolidate our firm with theirs. No one expected this. You continue to amaze me with your insight.   –NB, Attorney, Pennsylvania


Remember saying that mid-October was ripe for a very intense emotional/physical relationship?   During this time I was in Memphis for a meeting and arranged to have a “blind date” for a black tie dinner.   It turned out that this man was incredible!    We are going to spend some time together in San Francisco when he gets back from his trip.    I have no idea how it will turn out, but I intend for it to be a fun adventure, no matter what!     Just as you said, I am finally delighted not to be with my ex any longer.  –Deborah T., Entrepreneur, Atlanta, GA


I can’t believe how right you were about that man turning into a stalker.  I really believe your advice saved my life.   I wish I’d listened to you earlier. Thank you so much for giving me my life back.  –name withheld


Our session had a profound impact on my life.   I have listened to the tape a number of times and am amazed and how right on your are with everything.   It really has helped in my decision for the right career direction.  –KM, Student


Just wanted to dash off a quick note thanking you…   Rather than go into my thoughts and feelings here, I am attaching the journal entry I made Monday…
“… this person whom I had never met before was telling me things about myself that I had only felt and had not really verbalized…   And she was telling me things about my life and my relationship with D. that no one could have really known, particularly not a stranger. … I am just so jazzed about the revelations that Anne made based on my astrological charts… I honestly think that Anne is another one of those gifts to help me get in touch with and facilitate my spiritual growth.” –KF, Gardena, CA
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