Subscription Services

Astrological reports and consulting services can be made available to you on a subscription basis.

There is a wide range of subscription reports available.

1. Daily Report –the energies that impact you and insightful questions for making the most of these energy openings.

2.  Monthly Lunar Return– analyzes the larger energy systems impacting you for each month.

3.  Annual Calendar –Month by month, laid out in traditional calendar format, with transits, and progressions’ aspects to your natal chart and in the sky.  With interpretive report.

4.  Other reports available–just ask!

If you are interested in getting any of these reports on a regular basis, please contact me at [email protected].

Subscription Consulting.

If you need to know you can call anytime, we can arrange a monthly consulting service.  For a flat monthly fee, you get up to twice as much time as the best-price “catch me if you can” consulting for the same price. Plus, your phone number goes into a special ringer system, putting your calls through on a priority basis.