Sessions and Rates


    Thank you for coming to this page of my website.  I value your time and energy.  To that end, I want you to know that I will not play games with your time or money if you request a consultation.  When you have a scheduled session, I have your astrological charts (western and jyotish, progressions, dasas, divisional charts, transits) ready and am prepared to talk with you immediately.  If you have a catch-me-if-you-can session I can pull up your charts in seconds.  If you are on a per-minute basis and have a time/budget limit, tell me.  I’ll do my best to cover your questions within that limit and do my best to track the time to warn you if we’re about to go over your stated limit.  I never employ delaying tactics to waste your time.  I value each of my clients and am very grateful for their trust and choice of me as an astrological consultant. Thanks to each of you for considering my services.

You have two main choices (and one secondary option) for an initial consultation.

1.  Full consultation.  $249 (or see 1a below)

90 minutes recorded, with the file uploaded to your own password protected web page for listening or mp3 download.
Plan for at least 90 minutes.  It usually runs longer.
  • Includes written reports, PDF’d to your inbox.  (If you don’t have email we can make alternate arrangements.)

  • This consultation examines life issues, possible blind spots, themes in your life and ways to reframe problematic issues so they can become useful tools instead of sore points.

  • We’ll also cover anything else on your mind.  When current life issues are huge, I will tend to skip background stuff to concentrate on the issues at hand.

  • I include an overview (details depending on how we’ve used our time and what you’re asking for) of upcoming events in your life.

  • (It takes over an hour to prepare for this reading, and it’s apparently my karma to need prepayment.)   I accept checks, paypal, and credit cards–or the buy-now button above.  Most of my clients start with this reading and continue with me.  You’ll get the best sense of purpose and meaning here.  Rates are $249 prepaid.

1a.  Job Loss Full Consultation. $219

90 minutes, with recording and reports

Same as above, but if you’ve lost your job, the rate for a first consultation is only $219.


2.  Quick, Just for You.  $87 for 30 minutes


This is a per-minute service at $2.90 per minute, and for a first reading we will estimate 30 minutes for a prepayment price, with a credit card on file if we go over.

  • I don’t play games with your time and money.  If you ask for a 30 minute consultation, I try to stay on top of our time together and will remind you when we are about to go over the initial 30 minutes.

  • This session isn’t recorded and there are no reports.

3. Relationship Consultation:  Same prices as standard consultations  Recorded, with relationship report.

60 minute Relationship Consultation

90 minute Relationship Consultation


1.  Scheduled followup consultation: $198.

One Hour recorded session.

Includes reports for the year ahead.

  • We’ll cover current issues in your life and how different approaches to situations may impact the outcome. We also look at the year ahead in greater or lesser detail, depending on your needs.  Cost is $198, prepaid.

2. “Catch Me If You Can”: $2.90/min

As an ongoing client, you can call me any afternoon or evening (Central Time) and hope to reach me—or leave a message.   We can talk about what’s on your mind WHEN it’s on your mind and do some immediate problem solving.  This is good for on-the-fly issues and for crisis management, too.  $2.90/minute, credit card on file, or if you prepay via DONATE button on main menu, there’s a minimum $43 (15 minutes).

Thank you.