Printed Astrological Reports available from Anne:

1. Natal Report from “World of Wisdom”. Natal reports are based on the positions of the planets at your birth. This report offers a thematic overview of personality and talents to be utilized and developed over the lifetime.

2. Natal Report from Stephen Forrest, “The Sky Within”. This report offers deeply psychological perspectives on one’s innate skills, abilities, and the issues you’re called to work with over your life.

3. Babylonian Fixed Star report: “Starlight” from Bernadette Brady. A soul-level series of insights based on the relationship between your birth chart and the major astronomical stars relating to it.

4. Transit Report from “World of Wisdom”. Annual report of the effects of planets in the sky moving in relationship to planets in your chart. It includes graphs showing peaks and valleys of influence of each planet. The report is available for a 12-month calendar year (Jan-Dec). Valuable insights!

5. Transit Report from Stephen Forrest: “Sky Log”. Written in more user-friendly language, this 12-months-from-right-now report is arranged both thematically and chronologically, giving you a good idea of the themes of the year ahead in your life.

6. Relationship Report from “World of Wisdom.” This is a fabulous “he thinks, she thinks” kind of report that allows you to see how you get along together, gives you insights into how each of you relates to the world, and helps you understand your areas of differences.

7. Solar Return report from Ray Merriman. This report looks at the year ahead based on the position of the planets in the sky on the day of the year when the Sun returns to the exact position it occupied at your birth. These can give precise details, but what is promised by the Solar Return can only be delivered if your birth chart makes it possible.

8. Lunar Return report. Lengthy monthly report. Useful in fine-tuning plans. I find lunar returns to be very useful, broad-stroke predictive and growth tools. Monthly returns are only useful in periods where you’re likely to be reading them!!

9. Astrological report for parents, about their child: “ChildStar” This is a fantastic report for new parents, and can make a wonderful baby gift. It helps parents understand the child’s strengths and predispositions and gives gentle suggestions for painlessly guiding the child into the best possible life.

10. Past Lives Report. Just what it says. It examines your chart from the perspective of what it reveals about your past. These are stories that “feel true” even if they aren’t verifiable or even literally true. A different kind of insight.

11. Astrological Calendar: A 12-page, 12-month calendar that shows exact times of planetary influences from the sky to your birth and progressed chart, and from your progressed chart to progressed and birth planets. It comes with a 5-10 page descriptions of highlights from the year ahead. (Weekly and monthly detailed reports are also available.)

12. Astro-Locality reports—based on Astrocartography. These short reports give you insight into what themes in your life will be emphasized in different geographic locations around the world.

13. Group Reports. These reports offer insight into how any group operates as a group. Best used along with a personal consultation for the group, they can help you see how the group can excel, how to plan activities so each member most naturally and harmoniously can contribute to group efforts, and can also help see if any difficulties the group experiences are “built-in” or just temporary—and how long they might last. Great for work groups, clubs, families, and any other group that finds itself together on a repeated basis.

14. Classical Astrological Report—using ancient techniques for chart interpretation and written by Lee Lehman. Recommended for students of astrology only. The material can be very conflicting, and is written in extreme best case or worst case language.

15. Misc. I have a handful of reports that are useful in unusual circumstances, or for students of astrology. If you don’t see what you need, just ask!

Reports vary in price. Most reports are $40 for a single report. Astro-Locality is much less, Group reports are more. Some reports are available only with a consultation. There are deep discounts for multiple report orders at one time.   I never charge extra for shipping and handling.  Just ask for what you want.