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Here is your session recording–digitally available (mp3)  for listening and downloading.

IMPORTANT NEW INFORMATION!!!!  Due to changes in my domain, I will no longer be able to keep your recordings indefinitely. I have copies of recordings going back to early 2016, but in future PLEASE DOWNLOAD YOUR RECORDING QUICKLY!!  I will only be able to keep recordings for ONE YEAR!

If you have had a recent recorded reading, you will know your password, and will be able to access your recorded session.  Clicking your name below will take you to the password page, and from there t0 your recordings.

Your password is case sensitive, with the first letter capitalized and the rest in lower case letters.

Month/Year/First Name (click the link to reach your password page)

Mar ’18 Kathryn

A series of meltdowns interfered with getting recordings up after November.  If yours was then, please contact me and I’ll figure out a way to get it to you!

Jan ’18 RM

Jan ’18 David

Jan ’18 WSI

Nov ’18 Loch

Nov ’18 Brooks

Oct ’17 Jean

Oct ’17 Susan

Aug ’17 Holly

Aug ’17 TW

Aug ’17 Jeanne

Jul ’17 Kevey

Jul ’17 Molly

Jun ’17 Kathy

Jun ’17 Mark

Jun ’17 Kris

May ’17 MS

May ’17 WSI

Apr ’17 WSI

Mar ’17 Charlotte

Mar ’17 Lynne

Mar ’17 AH

Mar ’17 Paul

Feb ’17 Susan

Feb ’17 Joe

Feb ’17 Nancy

Jan ’17 RY

Jan ’17 RR

Dec ’16 DA

Dec ’16 Katherine

Dec ’16 Christa

Dec ’16 AV

Dec ’16 Michael

Nov ’16 VT

Oct ’16 MLH

Oct ’16 Julie

Oct ’16 David

Oct ’16 Inga

Sep ’16 Chris

Aug ’16 Jan

Jul ’16 David

Jul ’16 Kathy

Jul ’16 MB

Jul ’16 Michelle

Jul ’16 Jeanne

Jun ’16 Raul

Jun ’16 Beverly

May ’16 Kristen

May ’16 R&D

May ’16 Paula

May ’16 NM

Apr ’16 Beverly

Apr ’16 AS

Apr ’16 Kristen