Jyotish Conversations 1-6

ganeshaThis is a series of podcasts on the rich subject of Indian astrology, known as Jyotisha, and sometimes called Vedic Astrology.   You can listen to more podcasts about Jyotisha at www.puja.net.

First, a brief description of each podcast, followed by the podcasts.  I hope you will enjoy these.—————–

PODCAST ONE:  Astrology Across Cultures

When reading an astrological chart, the chart is not the only thing to examine.  You also have to think about the cultural background of the person and the opportunities in their country and larger culture.   Astrology trends change over the course of history, too.   Listen to learn more!——————-

PODCAST TWO:  The Role of the Moon in Jyotish (Vedic Astrology)

The Moon is the most important single planet in the India-n system astrology.  This podcast will tell you why.————————–

PODCAST THREE:  Predictive Astrology:  What’s Involved?

What’s most important–transits, dasas, or something else?—————-

PODCAST FOUR:  Astrological Omens and Remedies

One of the brilliant parts of Vedic Astrology is the deep system of remedies for astrological “problems”.  The problems can be in the birth chart, or they can be a temporary situation, but with resonant energy systems we can tweak the energies.  This one is fun.————–

PODCAST FIVE: Divisional Charts

Jyotish includes a technique for extrapolating from the birthchart a different chart for many large subject areas of life.   We’ll talk about them.   CORRECTION:  At the beginning I mention the Drekkana chart.   It’s about SIBLINGS, not children.   Foot-in-mouth problem!

PODCAST SIX:  A Look at 2009 through Jyotish

We’ll look ahead at 2009 (and on), through a chart of the U.S., Barack Obama’s innauguration and swearing in, and Barack Obama’s chart.   Lots to chew on.