Personal Altars

A Gathering of Heart Energies, by Lucretia Jones

(My apologies for leaving the recorder on during the break.  Be sure to fast forward for the powerful meditation after the break!)

A Gathering of Heart Energies

guided by Lucretia Jones

Peace And Healing For The World-Using Altars

… focusing on the Heart To Heart Healing Ritual

… with Lucretia

Because of poor attendance due an expected 2 inches of snow, Lucretia adapted her planned February presentation to a recitation of poems of the suicidal pilot tragedy written by Robert Price and Dillon McKinsey. Given the beauty of the evening she created with those of us who did attend, her full presentation has been rescheduled to March.

The Austin IONS March 23rd Community Gathering will be guided by Lucretia, Austin based author, who will present her new book, Peace And Healing For The World-Using Altars. Core to the book’s message, Lucretia also will facilitate a Heart To Heart Healing Ritual, given to her by her co-author Gaila, after Gaila’s passing.

Lucretia Jones is a spiritual teacher, intuitive counselor, artist and author, who inspires, empowers and motivates people in their quest for wholeness.  As an Austin based author, she will focus on her latest book, Peace And Healing For The World-Using Altars, a guide to creating altars ANYWHERE in your life…… at home, at work, outside……. where ever you wish to design a sacred place for a focus for your creative life energies and intentions.  In her quest for wholeness work, a new primary focus of her work is the sounds or tones she makes.  These sounds penetrate your emotional and unconscious mind, acting as a tool to aid you in moving through blockages.

For over 35 years, Lucretia has presented her unique approach to wholeness and self-empowerment to audiences across the U.S., Canada and Europe.  She is the mother of five children and seven grandchildren, whom she cherishes as her greatest blessings.   Several years ago, she moved from the San Francisco Bay area and is now living in the beautiful Texas Hill country outside Austin.  Lucretia is available for private consultations, classes, groups, rituals, workshops and speaking engagements.  More at her web-site: