INACS Nov 2010, Dennis and Laurie Romig

How You Can Achieve Peak Brain Performance

Presentation By:

Laurie Romig, Optimal Performance Brain Coach

Dr. Dennis Romig, Psychologist

Presentation Objectives

The last ten years have seen an explosion of new research on how our brains achieve peak and optimal performance.  A tool for directly promoting these levels of performance is brain wave biofeedback.  At this INACS presentation you will:

Learn and observe how brain wave biofeedback can improve both low and high functioning areas of work and life performance;

Understand how brain wave biofeedback can increase receptivity to spirituality and deeper life insights (feelings, body awareness, interpersonal relationship systems); and

Identify optimal brain performance practices you can use to achieve more successes in your life.

Presentation Outline:

  1. Achieve optimal performance by balancing brain waves in desired areas of improvement: Calmer, Sleep Better, Improve Decision-Making, Improve Memory
  2. Complete Optimal Performance Self –Assessment: Short Form
  3. Obtain peak performance in Sports, Arts, and Cognitive abilities through brain wave biofeedback like Sean Casey, major league baseball player
  4. Achieve greater receptivity to Spirituality and deeper life insights
  5. Identify optimal brain performance practices you can use to achieve more successes in your life on your own


Laurie Romig has been doing neurofeedback coaching for optimal brain performance since 2005.  She has provided executive coaching for twenty years.  Laurie completed the four day BCIA Neurofeedback certification course and has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Texas in Education and Sociology.

Dr. Dennis Romig is a psychologist and CEO of Side by Side, Inc., a multidisciplinary “Think and Do Tank” in Austin, Texas. He received his Ph. D. from the University of Texas at Austin and did post-graduate studies in neuroscience and brain wave biofeedback from 1999 to 2009 in Washington, DC.  Romig, his wife Laurie and his colleague Dr. Angelo Bolea are co-authoring a book, How the Brain Heals Itself.