Dr. Oliver Markley: Manifesting the Upside of Down

Manifesting the Upside of Down, Part 4:

New Directions for Deep Resilience and Ascension

Many lines of evidence point to the growing probability of a major “tipping point” toward civilizational collapse within a decade, making obvious the importance of prophetic visions and guiding images for civilizational reformation (“the upside of down”), especially those in which shifts in consciousness are central. As Part Four in a sequence of recent offerings to noetic audiences, this multimedia presentation will first briefly summarize the earlier offerings, before moving on to experiential exploration of inner resources for deep resilience and ascension.

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BIO: Oliver Markley is a retired professor human sciences and former chairman of the graduate

program in Studies of the Future (University of Houston-Clear Lake), who began his career as a

futures researcher working with former IONS President, Willis Harman, at the Stanford Research

Institute. During the last two years, his professional work has focused on the development of a new

futures research methodology for forecasting and monitoring STEEP Surprises (aka ‘wild cards’)

that have high probability for those in the know, but generally low credibility for most others—hence

are disregarded even though of critical importance.  One of these is the disruptive “tipping point”

noted above. He is now exploring the use of social media as a way to inspire citizen activists to

integratively combine “inner” and “outer” types of causality for deep resilience and transformative ascendance.