Master Lotus Lee IONS Nov 2010

Amazing Music of Heart


Lotus Lee

This is music from heaven,

the sound of heart and the language of Love.

“ My voice is not of mine, but was given  by the Nature;

I want to give and share it with the whole humankind “

Lotus comes from the Far East, with her long hair connects the ancient message, emanating the original energy.  She feels the vibration and melody from everything and immediately transmutes them through her incredible voice.

An American Indian healer said: “her voice is full of the mystical power, it can only be found from the old legends”.  An ancient church music scholar said: “This is what was like to speak in tongues that were lost long time ago”.  A Yoga master said: “This is the ancient yoga music, which take you deep into the states of meditation”.  A Japanese monk, who did Buddha portraits for the Indian temples, cried: “Child, you have never been to India, how did you learn such a genuine Indian sacred hymn”?  Upon hearing her singing, a renowned Hollywood composer said to her: “Your voice is a gift from God; you are able to spontaneously creating such spiritual music ….”

Her wondrous voice processes moving and penetrating power, with an incredible effect on human life and spirit; her singing connects lives with its natural ability, speaks to the unconscious, evokes body’s inner energy, restores your vitality, allow you to feel and merge into the harmony of everything.  She sings different tunes to different illness and heals with different effects, restore health.

Her voice is one with everything and the world.  Her spirit commutes with nature.  Her wisdom is above the visible and her love has no limit.

She said with profound love: “My voice is not of mine, but was given by the Nature; I want to give and share it with the whole humankind.” This is music of human treasure – Amazing music of heart.

“Lotus does not have specific subject, she always works spontaneously with people in every situation, she welcome any questions or subjects, so she encourages you and your friends prepare any questions and any topic of your needs, you can either prepare a subject give to Lotus ahead of the time, or we can just do a Q/A session, it is entirely up to your needs. Any generous donations to support Lotus’ mission will be very helpful and will be very appreciated.”
The mission of the Lotusvoice Foundation is to help bring about a positive spiritual transformation in the lives of people, as well as foster a deeper recognition of their spiritual nature.

Lotus’s timeless wisdom and endless love is transmitted through her voice, and awakens the inner voice of each individual, to motivate and inspire people to fulfill their search for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Her singing voice helps individuals understand a deeper connection between their lives and nature, and brings out each unique expression of love to create a more harmonious and peaceful world.