Katya Walter: The Universe’s Secret Code of Consciousness

This was an evening rife with technical trouble.  One glitch we didn’t realize at the time was that the recorder wasn’t actually ON for the beginning of Katya’s talk.  As a result, the recording actually began when she asked me to say a bit about the difference between Astrology and Astronomy, and when/why this came about.  When I finish, the recorder is passed back to Katya for the remainder of the talk.

GO TO BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE FOR THE AUDIO FILE.  Don’t ask me why–I don’t know.


The Universe’s Secret Code of Consciousness 


Presentation by


Katya Walter, Ph.D.

Katya Walter will present a slide show and talk on how a universal code shows that there is universal mind in the master plan building the space, time, matter, and energy of our living universe – and most important, what this means for us as conscious participants. Information will be based on her forthcoming books as reviewed below. 


About the Author

Katya Walter has a Ph.D. with an interdisciplinary emphasis from the University of Texas at Austin. She spent 5 years of post-doctoral study at the Jung Institute of Zurich, and a year of post-study in China. Dr. Walter taught in colleges and universities in the USA and abroad for sixteen years before focusing on writing and lecturing. She has published in the areas of cosmology, chaos theory, social criticism, and poetry. She has given numerous workshops on the I Ching, Chaos Theory, Synchronicity, and Dreams in the United States and Europe. Dr. Walter is author of the Touching God’s TOE series of books. She also authored an accompanying handbook called “Dream Mail” – designed for contemplating the deeper structure of dreams. It discusses the fractal messages that are carried in the symbolism of dreams and how to interpret dreams for daily life.