Katya Walter, IONS May 2011

How to be Psychic in a Scientific Way
Presentation by Katya M. Walter, PhD

Tuesday, May 10, 2011, 6:30 p.m.
R. W. Yarborough Branch Library

Interview with Katya Walter by Chuck and Karen Robison on October 15, 2010

In this month’s presentation, Walter will interact with the audience to examine how to be both psychic and scientific. She will discuss synchronicity as the timing patterns that psychologist Carl Jung and quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli studied as “meaningful chance.” She will then examine various systems of synchronicity such as the I Ching, astrology, tarot, dreams, runes, dowsing, and psychic trance and messages and describe how she developed these tools to help her write her books on physics and metaphysics.

Katya McCall Walter
holds doctorate with an interdisciplinary emphasis from the University of Texas at Austin and did five years of post-doctoral work at the C. G. Jung Institute Zürich with an additional year of study in China. Dr. Walter taught in colleges and universities in the United States and China for sixteen years and has published in scientific, social, and literary analysis, African cosmology, poetry, and short fiction. Her lecture on the I Ching is featured on The Oracle of Changes computer disk by Visionary Networks, and her videos can be seen here.

Katya WalterWalter is currently completing a series of five books called Touching God’s TOE, which describes how universal mind shows up as the Tao in the ancient I Ching code, in the DNA code that creates our bodies, and even in the fractal master code that builds space, time, matter, and energy in our living universe. She also authored a handbook called Dream Mail, which discusses the fractal messages carried in the symbolism of dreams and how to interpret dreams for daily life.

When not writing articles and books, Walter enjoys working on films and film scripts, doing dream work, and hosting a frontier science book club in her home. In March, 2011, she was a guest speaker on IONS’ first Consciousness Cruise to Mexico.