Kevin Blackwell, IONS Austin Nov 2011

Kevin G. Blackwell, MBA, is a gifted spiritual teacher who, as a 16-year-old engineering student at Columbia University in 1979, experienced an unanticipated “spiritual awakening.” Within a period of one week, he was having prophetic visions, hearing voices, seeing auras, and developing healing abilities.  Kevin applied his scientific worldview to understanding these experiences, and then continued to learn by studying various religions, philosophies, and metaphysics.   

Kevin spoke at the November 2011 meeting of Austin IONS, and you can hear the lecture here:

Kevin has the rare ability to be able to touch in to the energy field of virtually any non-physical entity–whether that entity is a former human being or an entity such as the Sun or Gaia. 

Through his one-on-one work with individuals, presentations to groups, forthcoming books, and media productions, he seeks to inspire others to joyously embrace and express their divinity and power and to point the way toward a better world and a more harmonious global community. Website: