Marcus Gitterle, June 2012 IONS

Here is the audio for Dr. Marcus Gitterle’s lecture for IONS.  Dr. Gitterle is Medical Director of Christus Santa Rosa’s Wound Care and HyperbaricCenter, with a growing specialty on nutritional support for “Growing Young”.   When I was told this lecture would be about aging well, I was less than excited, expecting another list of things I’m supposed to be doing.  What I discovered was VERY exciting, and I got to erase half the “shoulds” on my stay-healthy list.  I actually discovered my stubborn insistence on doing things MY way is actually a lot healthier than the faddish procession of dietary “shoulds.”  I hope you get as much as half as much from this lecture as I did.  Then I know you’ll be excited.  And do check out his book, Growing Young on Amazon.