IONS, Nov ’09 Mark Sebasta

In a lecture entitled Shape Shifting Consciousness, Mark Sebesta,

P.E. and past president of the Jung Society of Austin, presened

shamanistic teachings and techniques that have much to tell us

about how we can transform ourselves and our society in this

period of global change.

Mark recently attended a week long seminar presented by John Perkins and Llyn Roberts who have studied under shaman from many countries around the world for over 30 years.  The shaman have assigned John and Llyn the task of bringing ceremonies and techniques to the western world that have never been seen outside these indigenous cultures.  Come learn about this experiential subject that is rooted in the millennia.  Perhaps we will even go on a shamanistic journey together.  Shungo!


Mark Sebesta grew up in Denver, Colorado and attended the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado where he received a BS and MS in Civil Engineering.  In 1993, he moved to The Woodlands, Texas where he was introduced to the work of Carl Jung at the Jung Center in Houston.  He then moved to Austin in 1999 and served as president of the Jung Society of Austin for nearly four years.  In 2003, he became interested in politics and is currently exploring the connection between politics and consciousness.  Mark is also a member of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth.