IONS June 2010, Anne Beversdorf

Learning  the Dance Steps to Life:

Recognizing Archetypal Energy Patterns  and Learning How  Not To Get Your Toes Tromped On

by Anne Beversdorf

There was a series of technical difficulties at this session, and as a result the podcast is divided into three segments, some of which are interrupted by words like “maybe switching computers will work better?”.  The session included many illustrative slides on a powerpoint presentation.

I finally, kind-of, figured out how to upload the Powerpoint images.   Unfortunately, the Ppt presentation was way to large for me to upload as a single file using the means I have at hand, so I had to upload it in segments.  I really apologize for the inconvenience of this.  As it is, by the time you get it all downloaded you’ll probably have lost all patience with viewing them, but here they are in case you want to try.

dancing1 Dancing with the Archetypes section 1

dancing2 Dancing with the Archetypes section 2

dancing3 Dancing with the Archetypes section 3

dancing4 Dancing with the Archetypes section 4

dancing5 Dancing with the Archetypes section 5

dancing6 Dancing with the Archetypes section 6:  Sun/Moon

dancing7 Dancing with the Archetypes section 7: Mercury

dancing8 Dancing with the Archetypes section 8: Venus/Mars

dancing9 Dancing with the Archetypes section 9: Jupiter

dancing10 Dancing with the Archetypes section 10: Saturn.1

dancing11 Dancing with the Archetypes section 11: Saturn.2

dancing12 Dancing with the Archetypes section 12: Saturn.3

dancing13 Dancing with the Archetypes section 13: Uranus

dancing14 Dancing with the Archetypes section 14: Neptune

dancing15 Dancing with the Archetypes section 15: Pluto.1

dancing16 Dancing with the Archetypes section 16: Pluto.2

dancing17 Dancing with the Archetypes section 17: Energies of 2010.1

dancing18 Dancing with the Archetypes section 18: Energies of 2010.2/end

Have you ever had a day where you were so confident you felt like you could do anything?  Then, have you ever felt burdened by responsibilities or fatigue that simply won’t go away?  Have you ever laid awake night after night while your mind spins like a gerbil in a cage?  Have you ever felt like your life just entered a fog-bank, and you can’t see where you’re going and lose all sense of direction?  Have you ever felt like everything in your life was spinning out of control and anything you do to “fix” it just makes it worse? These are all signatures of specific archetypal energy patterns, and when we don’t learn the archetype’s dance, we can get out toes tromped on.

These questions and more also apply to specific archetypal energy patterns the world is encountering this year!  How have you’ve encountered at least a few of them in your lives already?

Astrology offers us the archetypes of planetary energies to hang [our] story pattern on.  This lecture is about recognizing emerging energy systems, with at least the precision of the recognition of a weather front.  When you learn to activate your inner observer, learn to recognize the system you’ve encountered, and learn the many alternate ways to utilize the energy patterns, you can turn life’s lemons into lemonade, and turn a blizzard into a cozy encounter by a fireplace.

The music is already playing.  Are you ready to learn the dance?


Anne  Beversdorf has been a professional astrological counselor since 1993, using both Western Astrology and the Astrology of India (aka Jyotish, or Vedic astrology).  In addition to predictive work, her consulting emphasizes the meaningful synthesis of life experiences and the development of non-judgmental self-awareness.

Anne received a BA, Magna Cum Laude, from UT Austin, (heavily influenced by Raja Rao) and a Master’s in Library and Information Science from Indiana University.  Her early career was as a professional educator, on the faculty of  Indiana University and at San Diego State University. She then ran her own educational software sales and training company for seven years in California, before coming to Austin.

Anne has been listed in Marquis Who’s Who as a business person and as an astrologer.  She has been a speaker and published writer in all her careers, and has been a popular teacher and lecturer in consciousness topics.

In the Austin Area, Anne is teaching an ongoing series of classes on the underpinnings of astrology, every other Thursday.   If you are interested, please drop an email to [email protected]. The links from the main IONS/INACS podcast page work are created by Anne, as a her service to the Austin IONS Group, where she serves on the IONS Coordinating Council. Anne is also the resident astrologer for Austin IONS and each month she gives us “astrological updates and alerts” for the coming month.  Last month she said, “When folks get to the 2012 shift, they will say, when we look back at 2010, that was the time when the BIG shifts really happened!!!” Check out her web site at  <>