IONS/Jim Beal: EMFs and Subtle Energies

How to Go Beyond into 2012 with ElectoMagneticFields
Going Beyond the Physical into the Energetic
Jim Beal, retired NASA Engineer

The number of “human canaries” is increasing!  Environmentally and chemically sensitive people are responding more to the biological effects of the “electro-magnetic fields.” Other energy fields are becoming better understood.  As the human genome evolved within the natural energy fields of Nature, humankind adapted to a baseline of healthy levels of EMF concentrations.   Now with the addition of  man-made energy fields, since the early 1900’s, such as WiFi, concentrations of EMF’s are rapidly expanding, creating problems for some. Recently problems with sleep, a side effect of EMF concentrations, have increased greatly.

Visionary communities like Damahur are taking the energetic fields of the Earth into consideration as they anticipate the future.  How are we adapting to a society soaked in electro-magnetic smog?  How will we adapt in the future?  There are ways to remediate the places where we live, work, play, and especially, where we sleep, that help us adapt and evolve in such a way that the future will be more sustainable. What does the future hold for us.

Reviewing the history of electro-magnetics in healing in the USA will give us some perspective on how to plan for the future of our environment, medical care and for self-management.  Will we adapt to a future with electrically enhanced environments? Or, not?
Jim Beal, founding member of IONS nationally, is a retired NASA Engineer, who studied the man-made environments for astronauts. He then specialized in medical research around “electro-magnetic fields.”  EMF Fields now surround us, especially for those using cell phones.  There is a peril with hazardous effects from a high level of EMF concentrations that can be remediated.  And, there is the promise of healing effects from new electronic medical devices that incorporate the therapeutic levels of EMF pulses and currents in their design, such as teh MagnaPRO.   He is recognized within the ISSSEEM Community for suggesting that the methodology of all research on subtle energies include a Beal Baseline Study of  the EMF fields in the research areas, that are then consistently monitored for subtle energetic changes.  This was previously impossible until measuring devices were developed.
Jim Beal is a charter member of national IONS and co-chair of the Austin IONS Program Committee. He welcomes questions about the IONS history with Edgar Mitchell, to whom he contributed a chapter for Mitchell’s early book on noetic science research, Psychic Exploration.

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