IONS 10/2010 Gene Keiffer

Exploring the Goal of the Search

for Higher Consciousness

Interview with Gene Kieffer

Chuck and Karen Robison, creators of What If It Really Works? and authors of The Quantum Conspiracy will present a live phone interview program …

…………With noted scholar and teacher Gene Kieffer, author of The Secret Teachings, Unveiling the Luminous Sun Within and founder of the Kundalini Research Foundation.  Gene is the editor, publisher and literary agent for all of Gopi Krishna’s writings. As the most recognized Eastern adept at experiencing the spontaneous rising kundali energies, Gopi Krishna authored books on his experiences, which are considered to be guide books on “engaging in the evolutionary energies in man,” as a way to expand consciousness, gain a healthier life style and as a guiding map for integration and spiritual growth, to enhance meaning and purpose in life. Gene Kieffer’s recent publication of  Gopi Krishna’s introduction to an ancient text, Secrets of Kundalini in Panchastavi will the focus of this current study of the potential benefits of kundalini study.