INACS, May 2010

INACS Lecture by Sirley Marques Bonham

Description of the lecture and Dr. Bonham’s background are below, followed by a list of book references from the presentation.

Experiences of Consciousness Beyond Hypnagogia

Dream imageries, reveries, and the development of

a  relationship with the “unconscious” mind

Lecture by

Sirley Marques Bonham, Ph.D.

Using introspective experiences to develop skills like Remote-Viewing, Lucid-Dreaming, Out-of-body Experiences, or for the development of Spiritual Experiences Hypnagogia is a generic label given to sensorial perceptions that happens “automatically” – without conscious control – while falling asleep, or while awakening from sleep. Hypnagogia may also happen while a person is meditating – or while in trance-like situations.

In this talk we will explore what can be learned from the perceptions we encounter during the sleep/awake thresholds, and from trance-like situations usually encountered in introspection practices like, for example, meditation and hypnosis. The most common and accessible skills that can be developed through situations of hypnagogia are lucid-dreaming and out-of-body experiences. However, remote-viewing frequently makes use of perceptions “on the threshold of consciousness,” which is obviously within the realm of hypnagogic perceptions. However, remote-viewing also makes use of a conscious interaction with the subconscious mind, done while fully awake. Therefore, while working on developing these skills, we willingly or unwillingly tend to encounter experiences that are considered spiritual, and may be used for personal and spiritual development. We will discuss various examples of situations where the explorer discovered him or herself in contact with something that could be interpreted as a higher-self, or by a surprising meeting of a spiritual teacher or guide to help along the way.

This talk expands on the former talk presented through INACS in May 2007, titled: Consciousness and Hypnagogia: Dream imageries, reveries, and the development of a relationship with the “unconscious” mind

By Sirley Marques Bonham, Ph.D.

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About the Author:

Sirley Marques Bonham is a Ph.D. physicist by education, but due to her long time involvement with the subject of consciousness, she also considers herself somewhat of a neuroscientist. She was born in Brazil and first came to the US in 1986 to follow post-doctoral research with the Astrophysics Group at the University of Chicago and the NASA-financed Theoretical Astrophysics Group at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab), located in Batavia (IL), near Chicago. Her main scientific work was done in an extension of Einstein’s unified field theory, but she has also worked in neuroscience research at the University of Texas at Austin, and in biophysics for the US Air Force in San Antonio, Texas. She has also taught at universities in Brazil, South Africa, and the US.

Dr. Bonham’s involvement with the phenomenon of Consciousness, as viewed by neuroscience, started in 1992 through a group of scientists at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, followed by a brief work with a group for research in neuroscience, specifically in the processes of memory and learning, at the University of Texas at Austin. Though she has learned about the paranormal through her father’s interest in this area, it has been her practice to approach this science strongly rooted in a scientific perspective, which has influenced her personal self-experimentation with the phenomenon of awareness during sleep, represented by the modern approach to the so-called out-of-body experiences, and the recently developed techniques of lucid-dreaming.

Dr. Bonham came to live in Austin, Texas, in 1993. She presently is a visiting scholar at the Center for Relativity at the University of Texas at Austin, and is a member and scientist of the Institute for Neurosciences and Consciousness Studies (INACS). Her writings can be accessed at her website:


1. Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self, Robert Waggoner (Moment Point Press, 2009)
2. Out of Body Exploring: A beginner’s Approach, Preston Dennet (Hampton Roads, 2004)
3. Multidimentional Man – An authentic eyewitness account of the world that awaits us after death, (self-published, 2008) – Available through

I also mentioned the books by

1. Kiriakos Markides:
– The Magus of Strovolus: The extraordinary world of a spiritual healer, Penguin/Arkana Books, 1981
– Homage to the Sun: The wisdom of the Magus of Strovolus, Penguin/Arkana Books, 1987
– Fire in the Heart: Healers Sages, and Mystics, Penguin/Arkana Books, 1990
– Riding with the Lion: In Search of Mystical Christianity, Viking/Arkana, 1995.

Also, from the Magus of Strovolus, himself, known as “Daskalus” (Stylianos Atteshlis), “The Esoteric Teachings: A Christian Approach to Truth,” Published by The Stoa Series, Strovolos, Cyprus 1987-1992,  and “The Esoteric Practice: Christian Meditations and Exercises,” Same publisher; Finally, a book published by his daughter Panayiota Theotoki-Atteshli – “Words of Truth: Extracts from Lectures of Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (known as Daskalus)”, published by the same “The Stoa Series” from Cyprus 2009.

The book on Lew Smith (the second healer): “Walking Through Walls: A memoir,” by Philip Smith, Atria Books, 2008.

“Secrets of Kundalini in Panchastavi,” Gopi Krishna, Bethel Publishers, Inc., 2010. It  can be ordered from