Gene Keiffer/IONS 0709 meeting


The Evolutionary Energy Shifting our Lives Consciously? Or Not?

The podcast of the IONS meeting and live conversation with Gene Keiffer is here, with background information below.

Chuck and Karen Robison, of What If It Works Internet Radio,  conduct a telephone interview with Mystery School Teacher Gene Kieffer, author of The Secret Teachings: Unveiling the Luminous Sun Within who is a Gopi Krishna scholar.

Chuck and Karen Robison, a Church of Religious Science practitioner and spiritual guide, and authors of the Quantum Conspiracy, and presenters at the IONS Austin Chapter.  They will initially share an interview, with Gene Kieffer, an internationally published author and president of the Kundalini Research Foundation, who worked with Gopi Krishna, who authored: Kundalini: the evolutionary energy in man. Since the 1960’s, Kieffer has been recognized as an authorized scholar of this Indian mystical adept.  Gopi Krishna’s pioneering writing on the raising of the kundalini energies and expanding of consciousness and Kieffer’s have each been recognized as a master spiritual teacher and researcher.

An interview with Gene Kieffer is available on What If It Really Works Radio, accessed at website: The assembled IONS audience at the meeting was invited to ask questions of Gene Kieffer, via telephone, with Chuck and Karen Robison as hosts.

Questions:We are going through what is called a historically significant evolutionary shift in consciousness. Some are calling it the paradigm shift, others going beyond the turn of the millennium, so we call on the wisdom of the mystics to guide us.

I. What are the main characteristics of the shift that is occurring and how can we prepare to live through this historic change, which is proving difficult for some……..?

II. Some people are having unusual experiences, and their perceptions of life are shifting rapidly and even expanding…  Sometimes these people have trouble talking with others about their expanding consciousness moments, since their shifts are do deeply personal?  What recommendations do you have for such people?

III. Once someone accesses a wider field of knowing, not just knowledge, but deeper and wider levels of knowing, such as accurate intuition, pain can come with that knowingness?   As one integrates these new levels of knowing, how does one live with expanded consciousness and what responsibility do they have to others to share that new level of knowing with others?

IV.  How do we all evolve in such a way that we can all celebrate life, dance, sing, pray and feast together, with everyone’s needs met and everyone being happy together?

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