Dr. Ronald Bryan: A Consciousness Experiment

A quantum-physics experiment to see if “Human Intention” can reverse the spin of a single electron.

Dr. Bryan writes:

“In considering the wave function of an electron, I realized in 2000 that this entity resembles human consciousness in several ways, so I hypothesized that the wave function is conscious (and a human consciousness is a wave function).  Now if an electron’s wave function is indeed conscious, then it might respond to a command from a human consciousness, perhaps as one human can communicate with another human through mental telepathy.  With the help of atomic experimentalists, I have conceived of an experiment to look for such an effect, in particular, can human intention reverse the spin of a single electron.  I describe the experiment and some applications.

“The original paper in this research is entitled “Consciousness and quantum-mechanical wave functions” and can be downloaded from my website http://faculty.physics.tamu.edu/bryan

“Many other papers on the subject also appear there.”

Ronald Bryan, Ph. D., recently retired from the Physics Department of Texas A&M University but continues to carry out research there.  He has made contributions in the fields of nuclear and particle physics, and recently turned his attention to atomic physics.  He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society.