IONS/INACS Austin lectures

Here is a page for the lectures of the Austin community’s group IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) and INACS (Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies) lectures.   I try to record each of these lectures, but not always successfully.  Each link will take you to a page with more information about the lecture/lecturer, and to the podcast itself.

These Austin groups are full of brilliant and creative thinkers, and their presentations never fail to stimulate my thinking.   I hope you enjoy listening to them.

November 2012 IONS:  Barbara MacLeod gives the lecture you’ve been waiting for on what the Mayans really thought about all this end-of-era stuff.

Sept 2012 IONS: Sharon Lanier: Introduction to HeartMath

Jun 2012 IONS: Dr. Marcus Gitterle:  Growing Young

Jan 2012 IONS:  Anne Beversdorf:  Who Are We Becoming?

Jan 2012 IONS: Sal Rachele: Earth Changes of 2012

Nov 2011  IONS:  Kevin Blackwell:  Different Ways of Knowing

July 2011 IONS:  Dr. Roberta Grimes:  The Afterlife–Find Out What Really Happens Next!

May 2011 IONS: Dr. Katya Walter: Being Psychic in a Scientific Way

Mar 2011 INACS: Dr. Katya Walter:  The Universe’s Secret Codes of Consciousness

Mar 2011 IONS: Dr. Oliver Markley:  Manifesting the Upside of Down

Feb 2011 INACS: Dr. Ronald Ryan, Texas A&M Phycist:  A Consciousness Experiment

Feb 2011 IONS:  Jim Beal:  EMFs and Subtle Energies

Nov 2010 IONS:  Master Lotus Lee: The Healing Power of the Voice

Nov 2010 INACS: Dennis and Laurie Romig, Achieving Peak Brain Performance

Oct 2010 IONS:  Gene Kieffer interviewed live with Chuck and Karen Robison

June 2010 IONS: Anne Beversdorf on Archetypes and Human Experience

June 2010, INACS Bill Meacham on Consciousness and Human Excellence

May 2010, Mark Iberg on therapeutic humor

May 2010, Dr. Sirley Marquez Bonham on Hypnogogic states.

April 2010, Barbara MacLeod, Mayan scholar and epigrapher, on the meaning of 2012.  Title:  The Changing of the Hearth.

March ’10, Lucretia Jones on Personal Altars:  A Gathering of Heart Energies

( December was Partytime!  January and February meetings were film presentations, not something we could podcast.)

November 09  Mark Sebasta, Shamanism

October 09  Mary Mansfield,  Bridging Science and Spirit

Sept 09 IONS Lecture: Mary Mansfield–bridging science and spirit

July 09 IONS Interview, Gene Keiffer, Kundalini expert

July 09 INACS Lecture:  R. Craig Hogan on “Your Eternal Self”

May 09 IONS Panel:   TIME:  A Panel Discussion on the nature of Time

Feb 09 IONS Lecture:  The Wild Ride to 2012, by Anne Beversdorf