IONS TIME Panel 05/09

Here is the recording for the Austin IONS Panel discussion on the nature of Time and The Shift.   The panelists were amazing in their ability to convey MANY high-impact ideas and new ways of thinking in the short 15-minute blocks of time.   Feedback was over the top, and I hope you’ll enjoy this recording.  I apologize for some of the sound quality–with many presenters it may fade in and out a bit, but I think you’ll be able to catch almost all of it.

The Panelists:

On the importance of studying shift: Mark Iberg, lecturer on humor and humanity, from multiple perspectives. Mark encourages us into action and asks, “What does shift mean to you?” His website presents his perspectives on how to keep one’s health strong for any shifting that may take place.

Overview of paradigm shift, from a timeline perspective, both horizontal and vertical: Looking at times past, Roberta Shoemaker-Beal will give an overview of the predictions for paradigm shifts around the dimension of time, from various wisdom teachers who have alerted us to anticipate changes in this decade, especially. She will talk of the work of Edgar Cayce for a long horizontal view of a timeline. The vertical view of time is from the ancient Greeks who wrote of and defined different “kinds of time” such as chronos and chiaros. How do we shift to accommodate to the changing nature of time? Is life things speeding up? Is that a good thing?

The Nature of Time: Katya Walter will speak on the “nature of time, now and anytime,” as a core element in our reality. Her books have defined dimensions of time at the core of our reality, down to the Planck level, where time and space interact in the space~time continuum. Her book and web site, give extensive information on “the nature of time.”

Focus on time to prepare: Anne Beverdorf, local educator and astrologer will share current predictions defined by those who looks at vast timelines, with the ability to predict the nature of timely events, we can anticipate through astrological studies. The use of time awareness, by studying cycles of time, can be used to plan our lives. Anne will share predictions for upcoming events for May 2009 and other relevant time we need to consider for the future. Her website at leads us to more information.

Planning for the future: Jan Blevins will be traveling to Peru this summer to study about a suggested change from the Gregorian to the Mayan calendar, as suggested by Dr. Jose Arguelles. His studies demonstrate that the Mayan calendar is a more accurate time keeping system than the Western European one used by the majority of our population. Read “Open Your Mind to a New Time” on the Internet at for an Arguelles interview on this dynamic and controversial topic.

At the end of each present’s delivery short clarifying questions can be asked. At the end of all panel presentations the IONS audience is invited to share any additional relevant perspective on time they feel are important to expand our awareness of time shifting, so we call can better prepare for travel through these unusual times of transition.

Consider: What shifts in our foundational paradigms, for time and space, are we ready to shift? Is the ancient pairing of Mother Nature and Father Time offering us an opportunity?