Sabian Symbols/Saros Cycles

Here is the podcast for my September Lecture at the Astrological Society of Austin.

Sabian Symbols can be used to determine one’s life path and direction, and to fine-tune goals and resources for each year of your life.   The lecture offers background on the symbols and uses audience charts to demonstrate the process.

Saros Cycles are based on eclipse patterns.   Your prenatal eclipse will “present” certain personality and event situations for your life.  What makes this so amazing is that the interpretation of the prenatal eclipse is based on the chart for the first eclipse of that Saros Eclipse cycle—which could be almost 2000 years ago!   What a thought–an event 1500 years ago, or 900 years ago (or whatever is the original eclipse in your own case) is actually affecting your life today.  Again… audience charts provide examples.