Chiron: The lecture

Here is the podcast for the lecture on Chiron, for the Astrological Society of Austin on April 27.   And here too are the images of centaurs that should accompany the lecture.

I referred several times to my wonderful brother-in-law who wrote his dissertation on Chiron–but I failed to give you his name:  Krin Gabbard.   He’s written several books that movie and jazz lovers will enjoy.  Krin is an incredible writer–entertaining, unexpected, iconoclastic, intelligent.  His most recent book, “Hotter Than That” is a socio-cultural history of the trumpet and American Jazz.  Krin’s writing can make ANY subject fascinating, but don’t just take my work on it.  Check out the reviews here on   I’ve never seen so many over-the-top-raving reviews.    His previous book is Black Magic which is about how Hollywood has and does portray African Americans in the cinema.  The latest incarnation?–the amazingly wise confidante/protector/nurturer.

OK:  Here are the basic Centaur image types.  BTW, Nessos was the old type, and Pholos may have been the new type–at least according to some greek art.  Pholos was NOT an Ixion centaur.     The podcast is below.

Chiron: Centaur with human front legs

Chiron: Centaur with two human legsOK. Here are the pictures:

Old centaur--lineage of Ixion.  Four horse legs.

Ixion's centaurs: four horse legs (Old centaurs)