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Mar 2012    Issue 28; 2012.2
In This Issue
1. VIDEO: Who Are We Becoming
2. Phoenix Art Gallery Show
3. Diocesan Art Gallery Show
4. March Astro-Updates
5. Accents and Elements Gallery
6. Baby Update
7. Audio Mantras (mp3)
8. Astro-Remedies for Tough Times.–Ebook
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Four quick announcements this month, including real VIDEO of the Who Are We Becoming lecture.


1. Video link–Who Are We Becoming: I’m proud of this lecture and thrilled that the video is available, with the powerpoint images for you to see.


2. Two art openings!  Mar 3, and Mar 8, in Austin, with my stuff in the shows. And one more gallery with 8 pieces on display


4. Astro Awareness for March!


4. Nephew update. —Thanks to all of you for prayers and good wishes.


If you have any questions or concerns about how 2012 will affect YOU, contact me for either a full appointment, or ‘just a quickie’ by emailing me here.

—Anne B.

1.Who Are We Becoming? 

   Austin IONS Lecture by Anne Beversdorf

Anne Beversdorf,
Anne Beversdorf, “Who Are We Becoming?” Presentation for Austin IONS, January 10, 2012
 We are living in a web of cycles within cycles, almost like Nesting Dolls, and these cycles are changing the nature of what it means to live in our world.  So Who are we Becoming?  Thanks to Bob Price, now you can see this lecture complete with powerpoint illustrations.
Jeannie Goldwire wrote: ” Every time I hear Anne talk, I feel validated in my experiences–like I am not crazy, there really is a reason why certain things have been going on. … Example: my To Do Lists nowadays are empty threats and I often don’t follow through on them (= Saturn’s ways don’t work as well anymore); my “bug antennae” are my best guide for what is to be my next step (Neptune ingress to Pisces).”


2. Phoenix Trades Depot
Art by Anne Beversdorf: Gallery and Opening
The show opens at 6 pm on Saturday, Mar 3, at 2415 East 5th Street in Austin.  One of my favorite tapestries will be included… and you can visit my tapestry almost any time between now and May 14.  There will be many other artists’ works also exhibited, so come, look around, enjoy!

3. The Austin Diocese Gallery
Religious Art Opening and Show
Five of my favorite works will be shown at the Catholic Diocesan Gallery of Austin.  The show opens March 8, at promptly 5:30 pm, when the Bishop will be present to open the show with a few words.
     I hope you’ll be able to come to the 3/8 opening and enjoy the amazing spiritually inspired works of art in this show. The works will be on display through August.
  6225 East Highway 290, Austin.  Just off 35 and just east of the Mexican restaurant with the spectacular roofline. 5:30 pm 3/8/12

4. Watch out for March!
March has definitely come in like a lion and may not go out like a lamb.  Mars is still retrograde, of course, until April 14.  So the principles of action, assertion, and aggression–all themes of moving forward, are being characterized by awkwardness at best and idiotic immaturity and angry impulsiveness at worst. With the New Moon (new beginnings) of March 8 conjunct Mars, these themes are re-energized for the next month.
     Then, on March 10, there’s a volatile and very exact grand trine. Trines are an easy flow of energy between planets, and this trine isn’t pretty. Mars (action/assertion/aggression) trines Pluto (the plutocracry, the power bigger than we are, also rage, obsession). Mars and Pluto paired can be extreme violence. On this day they both trine Jupiter, which makes things BIGGER.  I hope we aren’t looking at an explosion in the Iraq/Israel/USA situation. We may see other outbreaks of violence.
     Jupiter on this day is pretty close to Venus, (these are the two planets which have been so visible in the night sky). Venus controls money issues, young women, and desires.  We can expect more outrageous silliness over the supposed morals and sexual actions of young women, and more outrage over banking and bureaucracies.
     Then, on the 12th, Mercury goes retrograde until April 4. This is more than the usual Mercury RX, because it will be in Mars’ sign, while retrograde Mars will be in Mercury’s sign.  This mutual exchange means we’ll be seeing a lot of screwed up messaging of the sort where one person (or country, or political party) dramatically retaliates against another for something they later discover didn’t happen.
     That’s not all either. The Full Moon (full expression of the theme started on March 8) on March 22 will be right next to Uranus (shocks, revolutions, accidents) and Mercury (speech, communication, travel).  This energy pattern is being challenged by Pluto, and whenever you have Pluto and Uranus squaring off (watch out for June, too), you can count on outbursts. If you’re a media watcher, this will be an entertaining display of over-the-top statements from all sides.  Whew!
     As always, if these degrees match planets in your birth chart you’ll be in the thick of it, and if not, you’ll be watching from the sidelines.

5. Accents and Elements Gallery, Austin, TX
Eight of my tapestries are on display here, including several Easter images, and some brand new ones. This is a gorgeous gallery–you’ll love everything you see there.  If you’re in Austin, stop by at 5925 Burnet Road  Austin, TX 78757 

6. Nephew William Update
William John Beversdorf (born 1/23/12 at 2:55 am, Columbia, MO, at 22 weeks and 1 lb. 3 oz) is doing very well.  If you look online for babies this early, you won’t find them. He’s already a miracle at nearly 6 weeks old. He had a bit of a setback requiring stomach surgery, but that was weeks ago, and after dropping to 15 oz, he’s now closing in on 2 pounds.
     On March 2nd he became a star, being featured on the webcam for the local Children’s Miracle Network Fundraiser. It was my first chance to see him and he pulled out all stops, crying, waving his arms around, then calming down and looking around with big eyes.  This stardom is consistent with his ascendant ruler being at the very top of his chart.  We can expect

Audio Mantras –Now available on my website!

I’ve finally recorded and uploaded a series of Mantras to my web site.  If you are interested in astrological remedies, you can find planetary mantras at my website under “Astro-Remedies” and then selecting the planet whose mantra you’re seeking.  A full page of long mantra links can be found HERE.  Words are included.

My most-frequently used mantra is the Mrityunjaya Mantra.  You can listen to it, and to any of the others at the link above.  Thank you, Ricia Doren, for the Ganapati Mantra audio!

“Astrologicical Remedies for Tough Times”    E-Book (Only $9.00)
ebook The ancient Vedas not only include astrology (“the science of light”)… they also include ways to shift the energies in your life to a more harmonious, healthful, and happy pattern.   In this ebook you’ll learn which weekday is Your best remedy day, and you’ll learn lots of creative, interesting, odd, inexplicable and effective ways to shift the energies at work in your life.  (Yes, odd as it seems, they really work.)
You can learn more about astrological remedies here, and you can order the ebook by sending me an email here.  You can use paypal, a credit card, or send me a check–just state your preference in your email.

Contact Anne for an in-depth astrological reading, or use the “Catch-Me-If-You-Can” option for quick answers to immediate crises.   Clients rave about Anne’s deep insight into their personal lives and the practical ideas for moving forward.
A recent client commented
“I came to you in deep despair and even though nothing external has changed yet, I’m leaving this session with renewed joy and optimism”.

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Thanks for being here, and ’til next time…  may all life bring you joy!
Anne Beversdorf
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