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Stariel Astrology Newsletter
Jan/Feb 2012    Issue 27; 2012.1
In This Issue
1. Who Are We Becoming: Anne, Lecture Podcast
2. Vedic Predictions–Podcast
3. Mars and ME
4. The Great Saturn Neptune Divorce–Radio Interview
5. Relationship Courses
6. Audio Mantras (mp3)
7. Astro-Remedies for Tough Times.–Ebook
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This issue features multiple podcasts, and some great opportunities.


1. My January talk to Austin’s IONS, offering insights into the energy sequences we’re walking with and strategies for maneuvering the path.


2. My January Vedic Preview to the Astrological Society of Austin (ASA) on what we can expect for 2012 from the vedic perspective


3. Mars stationed exactly on my Venus/Ceres…. which made me wonder in advance what BIGGIES would enter my life.  Well, thanks to friends, I got the theme right but would never have guessed the details.


4. Several great lectures and a relationships-course opportunity from an astrologer friend of mine, VerDarLuz


It’s great to welcome this new year with new friends and old.


If you have any questions or concerns about how 2012 will affect YOU, contact me for either a full appointment, or ‘just a quickie’ by emailing me here.

—Anne B.

1.Who Are We Becoming? 

   Austin IONS Lecture by Anne Beversdorf
 We are living in a web of cycles within cycles, almost like Nesting Dolls, and these cycles are changing the nature of what it means to live in our world.  So Who are we Becoming?  Listen to Anne talk about the nested cycles of 2012, ranging from the punctuations of political upheaval to the Great Saturn-Neptune Divorce, to the Mayan end-of age mythologies and more.
Jeannie Goldberg wrote: “I went to Anne’s lecture for the IONS group. ….Anne is one of our best diplomats — making astrology appealing and  palatable to the more general public….  Every time I hear Anne talk, I feel validated in my experiences–like I am not crazy, there really is a reason why certain things have been going on. If you read her newsletter, you will find the same will be true for you. Example: my To Do Lists nowadays are empty threats and I often don’t follow through on them (= Saturn’s ways don’t work as well anymore); my “bug antennae” are my best guide for what is to be my next step (Neptune ingress to Pisces).”


2. Vedic Predictions for 2012
Audio from Anne Beversdorf (Listen Here)
This is my part of a panel discussion at Austin’s January astrology group meeting.  It looks at the Scorpionic America chart, vedic style, and the Aries Ingress chart for Washington DC.  At the end is a concise reprise of my Saturn/Neptune Divorce attunement suggestions.   Lots of astrological detail for students!

3. The Mars Station and My Life
(Thanks to Cheryl McMickle for the perfect graphic!)
If you’ve noticed anything about astrology (past your Sun Sign), you’re probably aware that the SLOW planets pack a wallop.  Planets like Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.  Why?  Because they take their sweet (or not so sweet) time to deliver their full message.  What other planets are slow?  ANY planet that stations retrograde or direct.  It’s just plain not moving at all.
   And when a stationary planet is exactly conjoin one of your natal planets, you’d better believe something will happen.  … So when I saw that Mars would station retrograde at 23 Virgo, exactly on my 23 Virgo Venus and 23 Virgo Ceres, I knew that something would happen.  …..Feeling a bit like a rabbit in the headlamps, I asked a few friends what they would project, and while we came close with the theme, nothing expected me for the detail….  (Read more by clicking HERE)

4. The Great Saturn-Neptune Divorce
Radio Interview  Anne with Katherine Torres
These energy changes lock in on Feb 3, so listen to this to figure out what is changing NOW (and how you can adapt)!  This link takes you to the specific interview, but you will also enjoy the other interviews from Katherine’s network.

5. Astrology-Guided Relationship Courses–with free intro seminars!  from VerDarLuz
My friend, Evolutionary and Shamanic Astrologer VerDarLuz is teaching a heart-opening, mindblowing, series of classes entitled the Art of Partnership: Astrological Essentials for Conscious Relating.  This is an online webinar course.  It will be two modules, 3 weeks each, the first module beginning February 7th.  This course is about YOU!  He will use your chart to teach you topics including honoring your sacred masculine and feminine, transcending projections, how to recognize soul mates and karma mates, why we attract the same types of energies repeatedly and much more  Reduced costs for couples or for signing up for both modules.  Registration and details are here. Find and support your beloved with the guidance of the heavens.

Audio Mantras –Now available on my website!

I’ve finally recorded and uploaded a series of Mantras to my web site.  If you are interested in astrological remedies, you can find planetary mantras at my website under “Astro-Remedies” and then selecting the planet whose mantra you’re seeking.  A full page of long mantra links can be found HERE.  Words are included.

My most-frequently used mantra is the Mrityunjaya Mantra.  You can listen to it, and to any of the others at the link above.  Thank you, Ricia Doren, for the Ganapati Mantra audio!

“Astrologicical Remedies for Tough Times”    E-Book (Only $9.00)
ebook The ancient Vedas not only include astrology (“the science of light”)… they also include ways to shift the energies in your life to a more harmonious, healthful, and happy pattern.   In this ebook you’ll learn which weekday is Your best remedy day, and you’ll learn lots of creative, interesting, odd, inexplicable and effective ways to shift the energies at work in your life.  (Yes, odd as it seems, they really work.)
You can learn more about astrological remedies here, and you can order the ebook by sending me an email here.  You can use paypal, a credit card, or send me a check–just state your preference in your email.

Contact Anne for an in-depth astrological reading, or use the “Catch-Me-If-You-Can” option for quick answers to immediate crises.   Clients rave about Anne’s deep insight into their personal lives and the practical ideas for moving forward.
A recent client commented
“I came to you in deep despair and even though nothing external has changed yet, I’m leaving this session with renewed joy and optimism”.

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Thanks for being here, and ’til next time…  may all life bring you joy!
Anne Beversdorf
Stariel Astrology