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July-Aug 2011  

Issue 25; 2011.7

In This Issue
1. The Stars’ Influence
2.The New Neptune
3. August Astro-Weather
4. Mind/Time Bending
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Here’s the corrected version.  Due to an editing error, I left out the SUBJECT of the first article!!  Oops for sure.  And there’s another tidbit in the August news.  Sorry for the duplication!I’ve been flattered by a bunch of you asking “where is the July newsletter?”   Gee!  People are reading this!   Thanks!NOTE:  If you’re out and about and want to share this newsletter with friends, they can subscribe via cell phone by dialing 22828 and texting STARIEL.Actually, I sent 2 out in June…  and this, coming so late in July, will cover most of August, too.Here’s what’s on my mind right now.

1.  Do the stars “influence” us???  Get out your dictionary and check out this article.   (thanks, Deborah!)  WOW!!!
2.  The “New Neptune”
3.  August astro-weather  (it’s heating up!)
4. Re-run:  Rupert Sheldrake  (who thinks “the ‘laws of the physics’ may be more like Habits.”

1. What is “Influence”??
Do the Stars Influence Us?
I had to get out my Oxford English Dictionary for this one.   My dear friend and fellow astrologer, Deborah Parker, called me this week and read me her newest blog (and you should read it too– here it is.  Her commentary is sublime!)  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and like Deborah, ran for my dictionary.  The question?  What is the definition of the word INFLUENCE???Here’s what the OED says.(read more here) ….
“influence…”a.  the supposed flowing or streaming from the stars or heavens of an ethereal fluid acting upon the character and destiny of man, and affecting sublunary things generally.  In later times gradually viewed less literally or as an exercise of power or ‘virtue’, or of an occult force, and in late use chiefly a poetical or humorous reflex of earlier notions.”b. The exercise of personal power by human beings, figured as something of the same nature as astral influence.” 


One might argue that these notions (a ‘fluid’ emanating from the stars) are hopelessly scientifically outmoded–but actually, new physics are restoring the concept of the ‘ethers’, now positing the vacuum to be a rich medium of energy and energy transference, and some subatomic particles (the neutrino, the tachyon are examples) far exceed the speed of light, and in particle/wave form (fluids?) move through matter emanating from all objects in the universe to pervade all others.
So the next time someone asks you if you REALLY believe the stars “influence” people and things on earth, you can tell them “Actually, that is the literal definition of ‘influence’.  So yes, by defnition, the stars influence us.”     Wow!

2. The “NEW” Neptune
Since Neptune entered Pisces last March, we earthlings have experienced totally new and different:  Neptune without the influence of Saturn!   When Neptune, the most ethereal of all planetary influences, was discovered in 1846, it apparently required the influence of Saturn to be brought to earthbound consciousness:   It was discovered at 25 degrees of Aquarius, right next to Saturn, also at 25 Aquarius.But in 2009-2010, Neptune finally made it’s long cycle to return to the position of its discovery.  Generally, astrologers opine that the “discovery return” is our first chance to really understand an planet, since we are now seeing its cycle in its entirety.  But this time we had THREE returns to that discovery degree–and each of these returns were potently conjunct other planets.The first, in April 09, was conjunt Chiron, both at 25 Aquarius.  This bound Neptune to the “shock that heals”.   The second, later that summer, was conjunct (at 25 degrees) BOTH Chiron and Jupiter:  Chiron helps Jupiter heal our ability to believe and trust.   The third return was in 2010, and was conjunct (all at 25 degrees) BOTH Chiron and Venus:  Healing our wounded value systems.But the real shock came this year, when Neptune finally left Saturn’s sign of Aquarius.  Separating Neptune–our deepest spiritual ideals–from the stern taskmaster of Saturn left many of us in a strange kind of limbo–lassitude, an inability to whip ourselves into performance, a questioning of why we do what we do.  Acedia, ennui, the big “whatever” shrug…  how do we reach spiritual ideals without Saturn driving us?

The conjunctions of the return answer the question:  We are shocked into recognizing the false pairing of Saturn “shoulds” with Neptune’s ether, we are shocked into letting go and trusting, and we are shocked into revising our outmoded value systems.   This is a period of free-fall and reorientation, and it’s amazing to see the story told in the skys.  (“Influence” anyone?)

3.  August Astro-weather Heats UpPretty much all this year we’ve been under the influence of a fairly tight t-square between Pluto, Uranus and Saturn (tho Saturn is around 8 degrees away by now).  These are three of the big nasties in the sky, and demonstrate the influence of the planets of Ultimate Power (Pluto) in combat zone with Rebellion (Uranus) and the principle of Authority and Restriction (Saturn).  Result:  a huge standstill in the US government.

But in early August, and at its peak Aug 9-13, the planet of Anger, Agression, and Action (Mars, of course) ties the knot in this picture.   Watch out for Acting Out.  When Mars and Pluto get together, you get RAGE.  When Saturn and Mars get together you get FRUSTRATION.  Mars and Uranus often bring VIOLENCE.    And this pattern gets re-energized when Mars reaches the degree of July 1st’s powerful eclipse, Aug 16-19.  This pot is ready to boil over.  Please stay cool–literally and figuratively.

4. Mind-Bending (and TIME-Bending) with Rupert Sheldrake

Sheldrake is one of the most amazing new scientists of our time and his thinking turns the dogma of old scientific thinking on its head.  Here are two fabulous video links:  This one (click here) is short, and will twist your thinking in a few short minutes.

For a more details–and JUST as fascinating, check out the series starting HERE, continuing with this one, and then following the Morphic Resonance series starting Right Here.   These make one continuous lecture and it’s over-the-top good.

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