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Apr 2011   Issue 21; 2011.4
In This Issue
1. The Labor Room
2. TMA Article!
3. Tapestries
4. More, Better Jupiter
5. Rob Hand’s Seminar
6. Astro-Blog Review
7. Secret Code -podcast
Astro-Remedies for Tough Times.
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Quick Links…
Dear Anne,Fun stuff this month.  Mostly light, ready for spring (which has been beautiful in Central Texas).

1. More thoughts from the Labor Room.
2. New article in The Mountain Astrologer…
3. Tapestries in New Austin Gallery.
4. More, Better Jupiter:  Remedies for getting the good stuff.
5. Rob Hand knocks it out of the ballpark–as always… retreat             tidbits.
6. A great blog for astrological content…
7. INACS podcast–physics and metaphysics, by Dr. Katya Walter.

1. From the Labor Room
Someone asked me today “when will things get back to normal”.  (It was an astrological question.)   I said “not in our lifetimes.”     We’re in a vast period of change right now.    And each punctuation point, each shock and each upheaval, is a step toward a new way of being on earth. 

Why now?  As I’ve said before, the astrological pattern:  Three slow and powerful planets standing on 3 corners of the “cardinal cross” are literally changing our understanding of time.  These planets are all crossing, back and forth, over the points in the sky where we have soltices and equinoxes.  Solstices and equinoxes literally mark the changes of seasons:  They are how we keep time on earth.   They Mayans may say this period will be “the end of time as we know it”, and the planets now are telling us seasons are changing, the way we think of time is changing.   We can’t go back to “how it was.”   We can only discover the beauties of a new normalcy that hasn’t yet been born. (read more…)

2.  Read The Mountain Astrologer!
(And look for MY article!)
It’s the premier astrological magazine in the world, and you can find it at your mongo news-stand or subscribe here.

This is the time–because the June-July issue will feature an article by yours truly–
“Dancing with Pluto” (without getting your toes stepped on).
  We’re all doing this dance, but some of us have a few more coals under our feet.

To get a feel for the Pluto Story, check my website for an early version of the article.

3. Tapestries on View in Austin

A newly re-opened Austin Gallery is featuring nine of my sacred-art tapestries.  Austin’s Accents and Elements is located at 5925 Burnet Road in Austin.This image is a Shakyamuni Buddha image, embellished with pearls, garnets and sapphires.  To see more images, click here.


3.  More, Better Jupiter: Getting more of the good stuff. 

Jupiter, or Guru, is the planet associated with the greatest good fortune. Each of us has Jupiter in our birth chart, but not all of us have great good fortune.Ganesha is the remover of obstacles in the form of a deity, while Jupiter is the planetary form.  In order to be successful, obstacles to getting started, and obstacles to success must be eliminated. As a general rule, befriending Ganesha is a good idea.

[This image of Ganesha is from my Sacred-Threads tapestry series and is available for purchase.  To see more, click here]

One way to start befriending Jupiter, is to use the most simple Ganesha mantra: OM Ganapataye Namaha or the mantra for Jupiter:  OM Vrim Brihaspataye Namaha. Repeating one or both on a regular basis is a surprisingly powerful discipline. You can do 108 repetitions once or twice a day, outloud or mentally.

The principle of planetary remedies is to do activities that give you more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. Jupiter’s primary difficulty is “too much of a good thing”, so we don’t often think of difficulties with this planet. However, too much of a good thing can definitely bring difficulties, as you’ll see below.  To find out how, click here!

And for a complete book of planetary remedies, click here.

5. Rob Hand Knocks it out of the ballpark!


I had the rare good fortune this month to attend another workshop by the phenomenal Robert Hand, arguably the world’s premier astrologer at this time.

Rob is in the process of synthesizing astrological traditions from all times and places, based on the golden threads of what-actually-works contained in all of them (forgive me, Rob, if I mis-state this).

Obviously, there’s no way I can reproduce for you the exhilaration of three days of intense philosophical, technical, and historical learning and concentration, but I’ll share two tidbits that may offer any of you who read charts something new to work with.

1.  Use whole-sign charts:   If the rising degree is 25 Pisces, the first HOUSE starts at 0 Pisces, the second at 0 Aries. etc.  The condition of the subject of the house will depend on the condition of the planet ruling the house (traditional rulers only).  If the second house is Aries, Mars is the ruler.  If Mars is weak, the second house will be.  (or you can check almutens, etc.)

2.  “Arabic Parts” (which Rob tells us should really be called “Egyptian Parts”), should not be read as points IN a chart.  They are designed to be alternate ascendants.   If your Part of Fortune is Scorpio, make Scorpio the first house and read the chart for your fortune in life.

Highly condensed and somewhat technical, but try it!

6. Check Out This Astrology Blog!Astrology for the Astrologically Challenged.  I think you’ll love it and I’m proud to call Deborah Parker, its author, a good friend.  Here’s a sample from this month’s

Pluto in Libra Part One: Equal Rights and Social Justice by
Deborah Smith Parker

“Understanding the Pluto in Libra period (1971-1983) in our nation’s history takes some discussion, one of Libra’s favorite activities. That’s because Libra needs to articulate all aspects of any issue sometimes to an exhausting degree for those not so inclined. But without Libra’s deliberations and mediations we would be lost in the tall grass. Libra brings us to each other. And we need each other-whether we like it or not.  ……


“Don’t think for a minute that Libra is wimp. And while I’m at it let me correct a frequent misconception that Libra is indecisive. It is not. Libra simply requires more tonnage of information than other signs before it acts. This isn’t the same as the Virgo need to organize data. Libra’s primary energy is symbolically represented by the scales of justice. Its role is to review all the facts, and I mean all, and to render a fair judgment. ….


“When Pluto enters either Libra or Aries the inequities of individual civil liberties (Aries) and social injustice (Libra) are highlighted in culture. For those coming into the middle of this blog’s examination of Pluto’s role in American culture and politics here’s a brief recap of Pluto’s impact through its progression through the signs of the zodiac.”  To read the rest, click here.



7. The Universe’s Secret Code of Consciousness: INACS Podcast by Dr. Katya Walter

Another stimulating lecture from the Austin Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies featuring Dr. Katya Walter, on the nexus of physics and metaphysics and how the Universe communicates with us.  Click here to listen!.


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