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Stariel Astrology Newsletter
Mar 2011   Issue 20; 2011.3
In This Issue
1. Astro Weather
2. Art Show Pics
3. Remedies for Saturn RX
4. Remedies Podcast and Special Offer
5. IONS/INACS Podcasts
6. Astro-Remedies for Tough Times.
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Dear Anne,This newsletter is packed.   Here’s what’s below

1.  Astro-weather, including the events in Japan; and a powerful first-person account from Japan–of transcendence.
2.  Pictures from my Art Exhibit
3.  Remedies for Saturn Retrograde
4.  Podcast audio from my Dallas presentation (Feb) on planetary remedies –and a special offer for a Remedies Reading.
5. Two fabulous lectures from the Austin Consciousness groups:  Institute for Neurology and Consciousness Studies (INACS) presenting physics Prof. Dr. Ronald Ryan on experiments showing how mind changes matter, and Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) presenting Dr. Oliver Markley on the power of optimism and resiliance in creating positive results.

Get your earphones out–there’s a lot of good material here!

1. Astro-weather, Japan, and Transcendance 

We are in the process of long-needed change, and as stubborn as we humans are, we often neglect to make change until there is no longer choice.   … or to mix our metaphors here, we are in the birth-pangs of a new age.  Birth is sometimes long, difficult, and painful, but the results evoke the most profound love we know on earth: that of a mother for her new-born child.   We are getting ready to welcome the child-form of a new era in human history.Astrologers have been waiting and holding our breath for Uranus to finally re-enter Aries for its run til 2019.  Well, it finally happened on March 11th, long hours after the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan and shortly before the cascade of nuclear accidents.  Wow. Let’s analyze this.

First, we are dealing with the soltice/equinox points:  Aries is the first of these points–the degree of the spring equinox.  Solstice points are the Axis Mundi— the axis upon which the world turns–the four corners of the world..  Appropriate to this symbolism, the 9.1 Japanese quakes actually moved the earth several more inches off its typical axis.


But the quake actually struck when Uranus was at 29 degrees and 59 minutes of Pisces.  Why was this such a big deal?    Let me count the ways:


1.  It’s as close to the Axis Mundi as it could possibly be, so that’s plenty.

2. 29 degrees is an “unstable degree” and Uranus is the least “stable” of all planets.   (for the rest of this article, click here)



Transcendence  Be sure to read to the end of this!

(click here for the full text)

On Mar 13, 2011, at 9:59 AM, SUSAN BLACK wrote:


From my cousin Anne Thomas in Sendai, Japan where she has   lived for the past decade teaching English. Very moving!!


Hello My Lovely Family and Friends,


First I want to thank you so very much for your concern for me. I am very
touched. I also wish to apologize for a generic message to you all. But it seems the best way at the moment to get my message to you.


Things here in Sendai have been rather surreal. But I am very blessed to have wonderful friends who are helping me a lot. Since my shack is even more worthy of that name, I am now staying at a friend’s home. We share supplies like water, food and a kerosene heater. We sleep lined up in one room, eat by candlelight, share stories. It is warm, friendly, and beautiful.  (please read to the end)

2.  Pictures from an Exhibition

3.  Remedies for a Retrograde Saturn: A Vedic Perspective 

Saturn went retrograde on January 26 this year, and will not station direct until June 12-13 (depending on where you are in the world). 

Why does this matter?  Planets are stronger when retrograde.  …And a strong planet is not necessarily a good planet.  It is stronger to do what it will, whether that be good or bad.   And this year’s Saturn station was particularly strong.  Authority and Power will overcome Thought for the period of this retrograde, and all will carry the weight of Saturn.


Saturn does offer some gifts and in order to gain them, Saturn must be respected.  So if you are experiencing too much Bad Saturn or not enough Good Saturn, you must respect and befriend this greatest of all visible planets.   To find out how, click here!


3. Archetypes and Remedies:

Podcasts and Special Offer


Here is the audio from the February lecture for the North Texas Astrological Society…    You’ll learn more enough planetary archetypes, that you will recognize them and feel their influence.  Then we cover how to tell if you need to do remedies for a planet, and then what you can actually DO! Listen to the lecture HERE.


Special Offer:  Between now  and the next newsletter (sometime in April), I’m offering a special “Remedies Reading”.   In 20 minutes ($50) we will identify what planets are “out of balance” in your chart, and I will recommend specific activities (even free ones!) that will help you with those remedies.   These really work.  In fact, just last week a friend told me that the remedies seemed to be the only thing keeping her going when she had a health crisis a few years back.  Just email me and we’ll get started (click here).  (And don’t hesitate to order the Remedies Ebook below.)


5. Two Mind-Boggling Lectures from the Austin Consciousness CommunityThese are both fabulous listening.

First, INACS February lecturer, retired Texas A&M physics professor Dr. Ronald Ryan’s consciousness experiment–the scientific quest for mind changing matter… with Seth and metaphysics thrown in as starters.  To listen, click here.

The second, IONS March lecturer, futurist Dr. Oliver Markley on how to negotiate this period of extreme changes and create something positive: Manifesting the Upside of Down.   Exciting and moving.  Click here to listen.


“Astrologicical Remedies for Tough Times”    E-Book (Only $9.00)
ebook The ancient Vedas not only include astrology (“the science of light”)… they also include ways to shift the energies in your life to a more harmonious, healthful, and happy pattern.   In this ebook you’ll learn which weekday is Your best remedy day, and you’ll learn lots of creative, interesting, odd, inexplicable and effective ways to shift the energies at work in your life.  (Yes, odd as it seems, they really work.)
You can learn more about astrological remedies here, and you can order the ebook by sending me an email here.  You can use paypal, a credit card, or send me a check–just state your preference in your email.

Contact Anne for an in-depth astrological reading, or use the “Catch-Me-If-You-Can” option for quick answers to immediate crises.   Clients rave about Anne’s deep insight into their personal lives and the practical ideas for moving forward.
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