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Aug. 2010 Quicknews Issue 14: 2010.6
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(Plus New “Lost-My-Job Rate”)

This is the one BIG announcement this month.  The last 4 weeks have been the slowest of my career.  I need to be busy, and we’re in the most difficult part of the astrological year right now.  I know at least a quarter of you reading this have had a tough summer.  So have I!  Astrological insights can help us negotiate this period and prepare for what’s next. (So (please) email me now!)

Astrology offers us self-knowledge, a map of our path through the world, a sense of our life’s meaning, insight into current situations, reframing of issues so they offer us the best possible options, and often, it offers us peace of mind.

Generally, these newsletters have been full of NEW stuff, and have been low on “selling”.  I get so tired of all the advertising in my own inbox, and hate to send more of it to you.  But there’s a fine line between “just another solicitation”  and letting people know that they’re important.

Each and every client who comes to me becomes significant in my life.  These connections are way more than just “transactions.”  The amazing thing about astrology, for me, is it shows me how many totally different ways there are of “being right.”  With a chart as a guide, it is so easy for me to understand how you feel the way you feel, how you see the world, and how it may be responding to you (and sometimes misinterpreting you.)   So in a way, I feel like I am participating in your reality but with a magic flashlight that can shine light on treasures you may not yet know.

The other interesting piece is that even though astrology can offer insights in how to make life less difficult or more wonderful, there is nothing that says one course of action is RIGHT and another is WRONG.  So you’ll never find me saying “You should have….”  Really big life issues shout to the soul, which may choose the more difficult path in order to learn a desired lesson. An astrological consultation can help! So please call or email me!

New Rates:   Initial Consultation:  $222.
“Lost my Job” Rate:  $189.
Followup Consultations: $180.
“Catch me if you Can”: $2.50/min
“Lost Job” Catch-me rate: $2.00/min


Wishing you prosperity, peace of mind, and sending Many Thanks to each of you for your friendship, support, and goodwill!

—-Anne Beversdorf

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You can learn more about astrological remedies here, and you can order the ebook by sending me an email here.  You can use paypal, a credit card, or send me a check–just state your preference in your email.
Thanks for reading, emailing, and calling me.   I love hearing from you and love interacting with you, so don’t feel I’m a stranger!

Blessings and abundance to you…

Anne Beversdorf
Stariel Astrology